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  List of Journals Approved by the Regional Journal Selection Committee (2008)  
  Beijing, China  
  1. Academic journal of second military medical university  
  2. Journal of Third Military Medical University  
  3. Acta academiae medicinae sinicae  
  4. Acta nutrimenta sinica  
  5. China journal of orthopaedics and traumatology  
  6. Chinese journal of clinical infectious diseases  
  7. Chinese journal of clinical nutrition  
  8. Chinese journal of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics  
  9. Chinese journal of digestion  
  10. Chinese journal of digestive surgery  
  11. Chinese journal of emergency medicine  
  12. Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery  
  13. Chinese journal of general practitioners  
  14. Chinese journal of health management  
  15. Chinese journal of hepatology  
  16. Chinese journal of infectious diseases  
  17. Chinese journal of information on traditional Chinese medicine  
  18. Chinese journal of internal medicine  
  19. Chinese journal of medical genetics  
  20. Chinese journal of microbiology and immunology  
  21. Chinese journal of nephrology  
  22. Chinese journal of obstetrics and gynecology  
  23. Chinese journal of pancreatology  
  24. Chinese journal of pathology  
  25. Chinese journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation  
  26. Chinese journal of plastic surgery  
  27. Chinese journal of practical internal medicine  
  28. Chinese journal of preventive medicine  
  29. Chinese journal of primary medicine and pharmacy  
  30. Chinese journal of radiation oncology  
  31. Chinese journal of radiology  
  32. Chinese journal of respiratory and critical care medicine  
  33. Chinese journal of rheumatology  
  34. Chinese journal of schistosomiasis control  
  35. Chinese journal of stomatology  
  36. Chinese journal of surgery  
  37. Chinese journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery  
  38. Chinese journal of traumatology  
  39. Chinese medical sciences journal  
  40. Chinese pharmacological bulletin  
  41. International journal of biomedical engineering  
  42. International journal of cerebrovascular diseases  
  43. International journal of pediatrics  
  44. International journal of surgery  
  45. International journal of traditional Chinese medicine  
  46. Journal of Integrative Medicine  
  47. Journal of chongqing medical university  
  48. Journal of clinical surgery  
  49. Journal of international oncology  
  50. Journal of medical research  
  51. Journal of peking university(health science)  
  52. Medical journal of Chinese people's liberation army  
  53. National journal of andrology  
  54. Ophthalmology in china  
  55. Parenteral & enteral nutrition  
  56. Chinese Journal of Medical Education Research  
  57. West china journal of stomatology  
  58. Journal of Rural Medicine  
  59. Journal of the Japanese Association of Rural Medicine  
  60. Annals of Dentistry  
  61. Malaysian Family Physician  
  62. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences  
  63. Neurology Asia  
  64. The Malaysian Journal of Pathology  
  65. The Medical Journal of Malaysia  
  66. Tropical Biomedicine  
  67. Archives of Orofacial Sciences  
  68. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition  
  69. Mongolian Medical Sciences  
  70. Papua and New Guinea Medical Journal  
  71. Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery  
  72. Journal of the Korean Society of Clinical Toxicology  
  73. Journal of the Korean Balance Society  
  74. Journal of Korean Oncology Nursing  
  75. Annals of Dermatology  
  76. Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology  
  77. Experimental Neurobiology  
  78. Intestinal Research  
  79. Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions  
  80. Journal of Clinical Neurology  
  81. Korean Journal of Spine  
  82. Journal of Genetic Medicine  
  83. Singapore Medical Journal  
  84. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore  
  85. Journal of Medical Research  
  86. Journal of Practical Medicine  
  87. Journal of Pharmacology  
  88. Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information  
  89. Journal of Internal Medicine  
  90. Journal of Surgery  
  91. Journal of Preventive Medicine  
  92. Journal of Vietnamese Medicine  
  93. Journal of Medicine-Ho Chi Minh City  
  94. Journal of Malaria and Parasite Diseases Control  
  95. Journal of Current Medical Issues  
  96. Vietnam Journal of Public Health  
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