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Article title: Research progress of VEGF and brain injury repair mechanism
Vernacular Title: VEGF与颅脑损伤修复机制的研究进展
Publication Type: Journal Article
Keywords: Stem cells;Vascular endothelial growth factor;Craniocerebral trauma;Neurons;Repair mechanism
From: International Journal of Surgery 2015; 42(2) : 133-137
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Abstract: Stem cell treatment for traumatic brain injury is the focus of current research.But there are still a lot of problems for stem cell transplantation,for example Immune rejection,low survival rate,and so on.Research on the recruitment of autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells to the injured part,and directionally induce the differentiation of neurons to repair the damage,thus become a research hotspot for the craniocerebral injury treatment.Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptor are widely distributed in the central nervous system.VEGF can promote cerebral microcirculation remodeling and induce MSCs to different toward the blood vessel endothelium.It can also inhibit neuronal death and apoptosis and directionally recruit and induce autologous neural progenitor cells and MSCs to different toward nerve cells.Formed between VEGF,MSCS and neurotrophin network mechanisms to promote brain repair.This self repair treatment is expected to be a good prospect of research plans.
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