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* Default field: combination of the fields, such as title, abstract, author, keywords, headings in Western Pacific Region Index Medicus(WPRIM).
* Intelligent search: exploding retrieval terms intelligently, automatically achieving to synchronized retrieval, not only including the retrieval terms, but also the corresponding headings and the subheadings. For example, while inputting AIDS in the default field and selecting the Intelligent Search, you will get all documents about the AIDS and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
* Exact search: equaling to search with retrieval terms. Suitable for keywords, headings, author, journal title, etc. For example, Author=Ma Ming.
*Limited condition: searching in range of years, article type, ages, gender etc.
# Combining multiple words with logic operator AND automatically. For example, cancer prevention.
# Logic operators AND, OR, NOT can be used directly. For example, cancer AND prevention.
# If the retrieval terms contain special characters, such as "-", "(", use double quotes to quote them. For example, "1,25-(OH)2D3".
# Supporting wildcard "?","%", for example, prevent%.
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