WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Archives of Orofacial Sciences> 2020> 15

Volume: 15

1. Effectiveness and Comfort Assessment of the Novel Intra-oral Bisecting Angle Bisector© and Paralleling RINN® Digital Imaging Receptor Holders in Low Palatal Height Patients Page:1—10
2. Oral Cancer Awareness and Knowledge among Marginalised Group in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia Page:11—21
3. CYP3A4*18 and CYP3A5*3 Polymorphisms in Modulating Susceptibility Risk in Malaysian Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Patients Page:23—33
4. Characteristics and Dental Treatments of Children under General Anaesthesia Page:35—44
5. Malaysian Dental Practitioner Personal Experience and Barriers to Attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme Page:45—54
6. Antibacterial Property of Synsepalum dulcificum Leaves Aqueous Extract against Oral Pathogens and its Chemical Compounds Page:55—64
7. Multi-purpose Use of Nasal Stents for Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Facial Defect: A Case Report Page:65—72
8. The Use of Customised Surgical Guide for Bilateral Inferior Mandibulectomy in a Case of Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia Page:73—80
9. Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Upper Lip: A Rare Presentation in a Young Boy and Differential Diagnosis Page:81—88
10. A Malaysian National Cleft Registry: An Orthodontic Point of View Al Imran Shahrula , Mas Suryalis Ahmadb , Nik M Page:89—95
11. Demographics and Clinical Profile of Orofacial Cleft in International Islamic University Malaysia from 2009 until 2018 Page:97—107
12. Quantification of Metal Artefacts from Orthodontic Brackets in CT Images: A Modified Method Page:109—117
13. A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Study on the Morphometry of the Mandibular Molars and Their Relative Root Lengths to the Mandibular Height Page:119—137
14. Application of Polymerase Chain ReactionRestriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCRRFLP) Technique in the Analysis of MYO1H Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Malay Mandibular Prognathism Patients Page:139—147
15. Titanium Particle Exfoliation from Different Dental Implants after Insertion Page:149—158
16. The Efficacy of Two Different Concentrations of Local Anaesthetic on Pain in Mandibular Third Molar Surgery Page:159—173
17. Dental Students’ Perceptions of Learning Space: A Focus Group Study Page:175—185
18. Parents’ Knowledge and Children’s Feeding Patterns in Relation to Caries Experiences Page:187—196
19. Extensive Basal Cell Adenocarcinoma Involving Minor Salivary Gland of the Hard Palate: A Rare Entity Page:197—204
20. Surgical Management for Symptomatic Huge Frontoethmoidal Osteoma: A Case Report Page:205—210