Volume: 25

1. New Theraputic Strategies of Acute Coronary Syndrome. Page:1—10
2. Evidence-based Evaluation of Information Provided by Pharmaceutical Representatives. Page:11—20
3. Treatment of Chronic Cough in Primary Care. Page:441—446
4. Clinical Applications of Growth Hormone: Focused to Antiaging Medicine. Page:447—454
5. Depression, Anxiety, and 'Unwillingness to Communicate' Disposition Related to Addictive Use of Internet in PC-bang Users. Page:455—461
6. Factors Associated with Distorted Self-perception of Body Weight in Korean Adults. Page:462—468
7. An Evaluation on the Health Warning Messages and Graphic on Cigarette Packages in Smoking Students. Page:469—474
8. One Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Chief Complaint of Xerostomia and Abnormal Liver Function. Page:475—480
9. Adult Protective Services in the United States. Page:279—286
10. Pharmacological Therapy of Erectile Dysfunction: Current Oral Agents. Page:287—296
11. Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Korean General Population. Page:297—306
12. The Usefulness of Waist/Height Ratio as an Obesity Index. Page:307—313
13. The Correlation between Vitamin C Intake and Plasma High-Sensitive C-reactive Protein Concentration. Page:314—321
14. Family Physician as a Counsellor Focused on Sexual and Family Problems: Cheonan Practice-Based Research Network Study. Page:322—328
15. Change of Body Composition in Obese Women with Short-term Low Calory Diets. Page:21—27
16. Recognition of Osteoporosis and Analysis of Influencing Factors. Page:542—549
17. The Clinical Analysis of 79 Cases of Indigenous Malaria in Myongji Hospital during 4 Years. Page:403—410
18. A Case Report of Miliary Tuberculosis Diagnosed by Chest Computer Tomography in FUO. Page:397—402
19. Immune Response to Hepatitis B Vaccination for Adults with Isolated Antibody to Hepatitis B Core Antigen in the Hepatitis B Endemic Area. Page:392—396
20. Smoking Types and Smoking Cessation Rate. Page:388—391
21. Health Related Quality of Life and Factors Associated with Lower Limb Function in Patients with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis. Page:381—387
22. Treatment of H.pylori Infection, Update. Page:371—379
23. Understanding the Culture of Antibiotics Prescribing of Primary Physicians for Acute Upper Respiratory Infection. Page:901—907
24. The Survey of Family Medicine Clinical Clerkships in Medical Schools in Korea. Page:895—900
25. Lifestyles and Gastrointestinal Disorders in Those Who Have a Postprandial Lying-down Habit. Page:887—894
26. Basic Approach to Rheumatic Diseases. Page:877—886
27. Clinical Implication of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Testing in the Primary Medicine. Page:863—876
28. A Case of Idiopathic Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Found in Periodic Health Examination. Page:760—763
29. Preliminary Investigation of the Quality of Life in the Elderly with Cancer. Page:678—686
30. Suitability Assessment of Patients' Education Materials Made by Korean Academy of Family Medicine. Page:669—677
31. Factors Associated with Weight Gain at 1 Year Postpartum. Page:661—668
32. Early Diagnosis of Dementia. Page:653—660
33. The Clinical Approaches to Learning Disorder for Primary Physicians. Page:643—651
34. The Relationship between Waist Circumference/Height Ratio and Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease in Obese Females. Page:740—745
35. The Benefits and Adverse Effects of Weight Loss. Page:721—739
36. Management of Risk of Statin Therapy. Page:713—720
37. The Effect of Job Stress in Jobholders on Propensity to Anxiety. Page:224—232
38. Predictors of High Peak Serum CK Levels in Doxylamine Intoxication. Page:216—223
39. A Selection and Translation of Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for Primary Care Physician in Respiratory Disease Field. Page:205—215
40. Panic Disorder in Primary Care. Page:193—204
41. Health and Exercise in Women. Page:177—192
42. Effects of Long Term Hormone Therapy on Platelet Activation in Postmenopausal Women. Page:754—759
43. The Relation of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease to Metabolic Syndrome. Page:746—753
44. A Case of Porphyria Presented During Management of Acute Upper Respiratory Infection. Page:59—65
45. The Relationship between Autonomous Function and Fatigue Rating in Patients with Fatigue. Page:52—58
46. The Effect of Atorvastatin on Serum Lipid Levels among Patients with Hypercholesterolemia. Page:46—51
47. Dietary Habits in Functional Dyspepsia. Page:40—45
48. The Association between White Blood Cell Counts and Clustered Features of the Metabolic Syndrome. Page:34—39
49. Correlation between Aortic Stiffness and Abdominal Adiposity. Page:28—33
50. Effects of rhGH on Body Composition and Subjective Physical Functions in Adults with Functional Growth Hormone Deficiency. Page:244—250
51. The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Related Factors on the Change of Bone Mineral Density in Early Postmenopausal Women in Ulsan-si, Korea. Page:233—243
52. The Validity and Reliability of Korean Version of Bathel ADL Index. Page:534—541
53. A Study of Treatment Realities and Recognition of Male Osteoporosis. Page:527—533
54. School and Community-based Intervention for Prevention of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity. Page:519—526
55. Mad Cow Disease and New Variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease. Page:509—518
56. Mondor's Disease of the Breast: Clinical Manifestations and Imaging Findings. Page:835—838
57. Research and Scholarly Activity of Residency Programs of Family Medicine in Korea. Page:826—834
58. Asymptomatic Duodenal Ulcer Patient with Candidiasis due to Medical Treatment. Page:146—149
59. Narrative Analysis of Illness Experiences of Alcohol Abuse Patients. Page:138—145
60. Comparison of the Treatment Results for Ganglions of the Hand and Wrist According to General Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia. Page:133—137
61. The Positive Rate of Serum Rheumatoid Factor in Health Screening Subjects and Related Factors. Page:126—132
62. Quantity and Quality Assessment of Randomized Controlled Trials Published in Five Korean Medical Journals, from 1980 to 2000. Page:118—125
63. The Management of Osteoporosis, Update. Page:97—117
64. Avian Influenza. Page:91—96
65. Norovirus Outbreak after a School Trip among Girls' High School Students. Page:610—616
66. Erectile Dysfunction and Risk Factors. Page:603—609
67. The Relationship between Sex Hormones and Bone Turnover Markers in Adult Men. Page:596—602
68. Diagnosis and Treatment of Infective Endocarditis. Page:585—595
69. Pharmacotherapy and Surgical Therapy in the Obese Children and Adolescents. Page:579—584
70. Diagnosis and Treatment of Tic Disorders. Page:359—370
71. The Attention of Primary Physician on Depression of the Elderly Patients. Page:818—825
72. The Influence of Depression on Cardiac Autonomous Control in the Thirties Male Workers. Page:809—817
73. Cancer Prevention and Diet. Page:789—808