Volume: 19

1. The opinions of doctors about korean traditional medicine and unification of medical care system. Page:662—670
2. Epidemiological Study of Rubella Outbreak in Chungchungnam-Do in Middle and High School Students in a Local Small Town. Page:252—262
3. Predictive Factors of Post-Herpetic Neuralgia in Patients with Acute Herpes Zoster. Page:263—273
4. Clinical Study of Patients with Fever and Fever of Unknown Origin. Page:301—311
5. Minor psychiatric disorder Associated with Smoking in Men. Page:312—319
6. Primary care physicians attitudes and practice for management of osteoporosis in Inchon city. Page:437—444
7. Behavior patterns of health care utilization in terminal cancer patients. Page:445—451
8. The assoeiation between total cholesterol and elevated thyrotropin. Page:452—458
9. Decision making for management of acute abdominal pain in children. Page:459—466
10. Effectiveness of breast self-examination education among korean women. Page:467—480
11. Primary diagnosis and management of tremors. Page:1333—1342
12. Paraesthesia on hand and foot. Page:1343—1348
13. Dizziness and vertigo. Page:1349—1353
14. Clinical characteristics of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome in Korea. Page:1354—1367
15. Fear of falling in elderly persons living in a home for the aged. Page:1400—1409
16. Which Medical instruments should a family practitioner purchase in preparing a private practice?. Page:1410—1418
17. A case of hyperinsulinemic obese female adolescent with virilization. Page:1419—1427
18. A Case of polymyalgia rheumatica. Page:1428—1431
19. Geriatrics Clinic in the primary care practice. Page:580—591
20. Geriatrics Clinic in the primary care practice. Page:592—603
21. Factors affecting the settlement amount of medical malpractice claims. Page:604—620
22. The effect of hormone replacement therapy on the postmenopausal symptoms In the women medicated continuously and the women quitted the medcation -. Page:621—629
23. A study of subjective symptoms and life styles among long term computer users. Page:630—641
24. The effects of different exercises on regional bone density in young adult female athletes. Page:642—651
25. The risk factors of the nonresponders after hepatitis B vaceinatio and the immunogenecity after a double-dose revaccination in the nonresponders. Page:652—661
26. Property of Drugs in Hypertension. Page:234—246
27. Endoscopic Appearances of Postoperative Stomach 111 cases. Page:247—251
28. Reasons Why Patients and Families Choose Medical Dispute. Page:274—291
29. The Compliance of the Patients advised Additional Laboratory Test or Treatment in the Periodic Health Screening. Page:292—300
30. Headache overview. Page:413—417
31. Headache diagnosis and treatement. Page:418—431
32. Secondary headache. Page:432—436
33. Autonomic dysfunction in the elderly: postural hypotension and related symptoms. Page:1368—1379
34. Usefulness of PC communications for medical information. Page:1380—1386
35. The effects of the adolescent smoking cessation program. Page:1387—1399
36. Degree of stress and stress-related factors by the Korean version of the BEPSI. Page:559—570
37. Depressive tendency in medical inpatients. Page:549—558
38. Relationship of health behaviors and physical health status in the elderly. Page:538—548
39. The coincidence of the english keywords of the journal of korean academy of family medicine with MeSH and selection validity. Page:531—537
40. Correlation of liver dysfunction in Oriental medicine and liver disease in Western medicine. Page:522—530
41. Quality of life after the menopause: influence of hormonal replacement therapy. Page:515—521
42. Smoking Behavior and its Related Factors in Male Students of One Senior High School in Taegu. Page:58—67
43. Smoking, Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Korean Adolescents. Page:43—57
44. The Factors Associated with Serum Triglyceride Level in Healthy Adults. Page:29—42
45. A Study of Psychogenic Symptoms in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients. Page:16—28
46. Accuracy of Automated Wrist Blood Pressure Meter. Page:9—15
47. Differences in Electrocardiography Findings Between the Healthy Elderly and Young Adults. Page:2—8
48. A Study on Bronchitis Associated with Welding at a Manufacture Factory. Page:95—106
49. The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Bone Mineral Density of The Lumbar Spine and Hip in Postmenopausal Women. Page:86—94
50. Prevalence of Depressive Mood and its Associated Factors in the Elderly. Page:77—85
51. The Relationship Between Nutritional Assessment and Obesity Index. Page:68—76
52. The factors related with office worker's health perception. Page:216—226
53. The relationship between health habit and stress amount in life events. Page:205—215
54. Behavioral Changes to avoid Health Risk Factors after Periodic Health Examination. Page:191—204
55. Relationship of Family Function and cellular Immunity in Healthy Adult Males. Page:177—190
56. Comparison of clinical usefulness of low-calorie-diet combined with exercise and low-calorie-diet alone. Page:167—176
57. Trends of Sexually Transmitted Diseases during recent three years: among users of 11 Public Health Centers in Seoul. Page:150—166
58. Use of Traditional Medicine and Folk Remedies in Hypertensive Patients: based on Cheonan Practice- Based Research Network. Page:141—149
59. New Proposal for Adlt's Normal Sinus Heart Rates. Page:134—140
60. Alcohol habits in korea. Page:858—869
61. The factors influencing nocturnal blood pressure drop in essential hypertensives. Page:847—857
62. Chronological Change in Ferquency of Cancer Patients Aged 60 Years or More in a University Hospital. Page:125—133
63. A Study on the Fallow up of the Adolescents with Tuberculosis on Mass Miniature Radiography in Seoul. Page:118—124
64. The knowledge and attitude of menopause and hormone replacement therapy among the middle aged women. Page:811—819
65. Clustering of cardiovascular risk factors and cornary artery disease. Page:881—893
66. Cognition and performance rate for adult immunization among urban general population. Page:870—880
67. The frequency of common hidden disease in the elderly. Page:838—846
68. The propensity to depression and anxiety in children. Page:828—837
69. A Study of the core curriculum of family medicine residency Program in Korea. Page:820—827
70. Development and Evaluation of Home Doctor Registration Program. Page:801—810
71. Development of an OPD-based childhood obesity control program and the effects of its utilization. Page:787—800
72. Steroid therapy. Page:776—786
73. Obesity clinic in the primary care practice. Page:679—683
74. The relationship between Stress and life Styles in Business. Page:394—404
75. The effects of Cigarrete Smoking on Serum Lipid Profile in young-and middle-aged men. Page:383—393
76. Oral antibiotics. Page:757—765
77. Relationship between control measurement point (CMP) value of Electroacupucture according to Voll(EAV) and clinical laboratory findings and subjective symptoms of patients. Page:736—744
78. Neurotic characteristics in headache patients. Page:728—735
79. The usefulness of wrist/height ratio as a predictor for the risk factors of coronary artery disease. Page:719—727
80. The effectiveness of glycosylated hemoglobin, fructosamine in the diagnosis of diabetes. Page:708—718
81. Quality of diabetes care in outpatient department. Page:700—707
82. The level of child-caretakers' knowledge about weaning food. Page:693—699
83. Health promotion clinic in the primary care practice. Page:684—692
84. Analysis of Clinical Contents in a Family Practice Clinic of Rural Area according to the ICPC Method. Page:374—382
85. PCR Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in the Adult Population of Ulsan. Page:364—373
86. Analysis of Papers Published in Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine. Page:353—363
87. Psychosocial Aspects of Obse Adolescents. Page:337—352
88. The Concept and management of Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Difference between General Practitioners and Hepatologists. Page:326—336
89. Psychological aspect fo sexual dysfunction. Page:508—514
90. Sexual dysfunction in the primary care. Page:499—507
91. Sexual dysfunction. Page:491—498
92. Drugs and pregnancy. Page:766—775