WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of School Health> 2020> 41> 8

Volume: 41 Issue: 8

1. Construction on crisis management system of the school public health emergencies Page:1121—1123
2. Practice and discussion on children health communicationin public health emergencies Page:1124—1127
3. Comparison of injury incidence in the year of 2012 and 2017 among elementary and high school students in Beijing Page:1128—1130
4. Three-year effect evaluation of pit-and-fissure sealing of the first permanent molars in Henan provincial children Page:1131—1133
5. Vitamin D nutritional status and related factors in primary and secondary school students in Yinchuan Page:1134—1137
6. Effectiveness of functional training and diet intervention on functional movement and physical health of obese male college students Page:1138—1142
7. Effectiveness of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity intervention among secondary school students Page:1143—1146
8. AIDS knowledge status and influencing factors of high-risk sexual behavior among male college students in Nanjing Page:1147—1150
9. Predictive effect of somatotype cognitive deviation on dieting tendency in female college students Page:1151—1154
10. At-home physical exercise among primary and middle school students in Chongqing city during the period of coronavirus outbreak Page:1155—1157
11. Assessing food and nutrition literacy and its related factors in school-age children in Baoding Page:1158—1163
12. Parent-child affinity in the relationship between body image disorder and school adaptation in junior high school students in Beijing Page:1164—1166
13. A network Meta-analysis of the intervention effect of various measures on adolescents’ Internet addiction Page:1167—1173
14. Impact of life meaning and school adjustment on mobile phone addiction of female college students Page:1174—1176
15. Relationship between cognitive flexible, depression and eating attitude in middle school students Page:1177—1179
16. Correlation between aggression and self-acceptance, family intimacy and adaptability in college students Page:1180—1181
17. Gender stereotype of early adolescents and its influencing factors Page:1185—1188
18. Analysis on sensory processing characteristics of mental health problems in preschoolers Page:1189—1192
19. Neglect and associated factors among migrant middle school students in Tianjin Page:1193—1196
20. Vaccination coverage and associated factors of rural children under 7 years old in Ningxia Page:1197—1199
21. Relationship between physical health among preschool children and parental labour migration in Longnan Page:1200—1203
22. Associations of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease incidence among children of different age groups in kindergartens Page:1204—1207
23. Prevalence of childhood asthma in China from 2011 to 2018: a Meta-analysis Page:1208—1211
24. Ethnic differences of the maximum growth age in height and weight of adolescent students Page:1212—1216
25. Effects of gross motor skills on physical activity in preschoolers aged 3-6 years Page:1217—1219
26. Effect of high intensity interval training on cardiorespiratory fitness in sedentary female college students Page:1220—1223
27. Relationship between body mass index, waist circumference and waist circumference height ratio and bone metabolism markers in Yinchuan middle school students Page:1224—1227
28. Analysis of methyl tert-butyl ether in urine of primary school students in Beijing Page:1228—1230