WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of School Health> 2020> 41> 4

Volume: 41 Issue: 4

1. Key messages and actions for coronavirus peneumonia prevention and control in education institutions Page:481—483
2. Recognizing psychological and behavior problems among adolescents from the perspective of adverse childhood experiences Page:484—489
3. Health requirement of visual environment for children and adolescents Page:490—493
4. Association between family adversity exposed to different period and psychopathological symptoms among adolescents in rural areas Page:494—497
5. Relationship between childhood sexual abuse and non suicidal self injury of female nursing students Page:498—501
6. Relatioship between childhood witnessing domestic violence and injury and violence of college students Page:502—505
7. Relationship between childhood maltreatment and suicide ideation of college students Page:506—509
8. Relationship between childhood abuse and dating violence perpetration and victimization among medical college students Page:510—513
9. Relationship between childhood abuse experience and non-suicidal self-injury in middle school students Page:514—517
10. Comparison of smoking status of middle school students during 2012 to 2017 in Quzhou Page:518—520
11. Evaluation of the post-abortion care services for unmarried female college students’ reproductive health effect Page:521—523
12. Analysis of the status and influencing factors of delivery food consumption in Wuhan college students Page:524—527
13. Association between screen time and dietary behaviors among urban middle school students in Guangzhou Page:528—530
14. Anxiety and depression in middle school and college students with acne Page:531—534
15. Correlation between cyberbullying and suicidal behavior in college students Page:535—538
16. Prevalence of suicidal behaviors among primary and middle school students and its relationship with academic burden in Henan Province Page:539—542
17. Analysis of the intervention effect of drawing therapy on children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Page:543—546
18. Relationship between childhood trauma and depressive traits in college students and the influence of coping style and automatic thinking Page:547—550
19. Impact of social sports activities on depression among junior middle school students Page:551—553
20. Relationship between fundamental movement skills and physical fitness in children Page:554—557
21. Physical fitness of four minority middle school students in Yunnan Province Page:558—562
22. Sports load intensity in junior middle school physical education class and its correlation with physical constitution Page:563—565
23. A Meta-analysis of self-determination theory for promoting physical exercises of children and adolescents Page:566—572
24. Analysis on the prevalence of drinking-tea type endemic fluorosis among children in Lhasa, Tibet Page:573—575
25. Cumulative effects of unintentional injury among rural children of Heilongjiang Province Page:576—579
26. Epidemiological characteristics and influencing factors of Norovirus outbreaks in primary and secondary schools in Haidian District, Beijing,2015-2018 Page:580—582
27. Influencing factors of myopia among primary and secondary school students in Shenzhen Page:583—587
28. Contamination prevalence and drug resistance spectrum of MRSA from classrooms in Guangzhou primary schools Page:588—590