WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of School Health> 2020> 41> 3

Volume: 41 Issue: 3

1. Improve the drinking water literacy of children and adolescents and to strengthen the study of hydration state and health Page:321—324
2. Physical education program of “Let’s Move! Active School” in American schools and implications Page:325—328
3. Analysis of the amount and types of fluid intake among male college students in spring Page:329—332
4. Knowledge, attitude and practice of drinking water among college students in Hebei Province Page:333—336
5. Fluids intake, volume of urine and hydration status among male college athletics in one university of Beijing in spring Page:337—340
6. Dietary exposure of lead in primary, middle and high school students in Pudong new area of Shanghai Page:341—344
7. Joint effect of school and family on domestic second-hand smoke exposure in middle school students Page:345—347
8. Awareness of medical and health care APP of female college students and associated factors in Weifang Page:348—351
9. Concern and influencing factors of freshman knowledge in Sichuan university Page:352—355
10. Effects of different intensity physical activities on working memory in children and adolescents: a Meta-analysis Page:356—360
11. Construction of the dimensional evaluation system of middle school students’ health behavior in the core area of physical education and health Page:361—364
12. Effect of different forms of badminton intervention on cardiopulmonary endurance of obese ethnic Korean male college students Page:365—367
13. Bullying behaviors and subjective well-being of left-behind students in Bijie City Page:368—370
14. School bullying and its influencing factors in higher vocational college students in western Hunan province Page:371—374
15. Application of peer education in mental health education for adolescent primary and middle school students Page:375—378
16. Relationship between grit and self-esteem in middle school students: the mediating role of self-identity Page:379—382
17. Relationship of cultural alienation and mental health on minority students in Han middle schools Page:383—385
18. Relationship between sexual assault experience with psychosexual health,interpersonal trust among middle school girls Page:386—390
19. Body weight misperception and associated factors among female nursing students in Shanghai Page:391—393
20. Influence factors and family burden analysis of bicycle injury among middle school students in Shanghai, 2017-2018 Page:394—397
21. Analysis on epidemiological and etiology characteristics of 34 aggregation epidemics induced by Norovirus infection Page:398—400
22. Effects of different modes exercises on glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivities in adolescents Page:401—404
23. Estimated economic burden of disease of Norovirus gastroenteritis of schools in the Pearl River Delta Region Page:405—408
24. Epidemiology of myopia and unaided visual impairment of primary and secondary school students of Han and minorities in Mangshi City in Yunnan Page:409—412
25. Association between carotid intima-media thickness and visceral fat area in children aged 6-7 years Page:413—415
26. Prevalence and influencing factors of eczema among children in a district of Shenyang Page:416—419