WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of School Health> 2020> 41> 1

Volume: 41 Issue: 1

1. Universal health coverage for students as the fundamental task of school health Page:1—4
2. A comparative study between School Hygiene and School Hygiene Summary Page:8—11
3. Analysis of anemia and nutritional status of primary and middle school students in boarding school in rural areas of central and western China Page:12—15
4. Beverages consumption, sleep quality and depressive symptoms in Chinese university students: a latent variable mediation model Page:16—20
5. Association between screen time and autistic behavior in infants and toddlers Page:21—24
6. Ethnic distribution characteristics of SNPs associated with micronutrient deficiency risk of Chinese primary and middle school students Page:25—28
7. Analysis on the monitoring and evaluation of nutrition improvement of primary and middle school students in rural Tibet during 2015-2017 Page:29—31
8. Association between family factors with dietary behaviors of left-behind children in rural China Page:32—35
9. Moderating effect of pubertal knowledge-attitude-practice in relationship between pubertal status and quality of life: a cross-sectional study Page:36—39
10. Meta-analysis of effects on mobile health intervention in children and adolescents obesity Page:40—43
11. Relationship between outdoor activity time and respiratory symptoms in junior middle school students Page:44—46
12. Knowledge,beliefs and behaviors related to HIV/AIDS among freshmen in Jiangsu colleges Page:47—50
13. Effectiveness of short-term high-intensity exercise combined with nutritional intervention in female college students with internet addiction and obesity Page:51—54
14. Dietary behavior of primary school children in Haidian District of Beijing and its relationship with family environment Page:55—57
15. Effects of aerobic exercise and nutrition education on blood lipids, physical fitness and exercise behavior among students high cholesterol level Page:58—61
16. Association between screen time and psychology behaviors of preschool children Page:62—65
17. Analysis of alcohol drinking among school-aged children in Beijing in 2015 Page:66—69
18. Cross-lagged analysis of passive social network site use and fear of missing out in college students Page:70—72
19. Intervention effect of group counseling on the self-esteem of impoverished undergraduates:a therapy based on acceptance and commitment therapy and music therapy Page:73—77
20. Heterosexual romantic expectation of early adolescents and its influencing factors Page:78—81
21. Correlation between experience of childhood abuse and implementing cyberbullying in college students Page:82—85
22. Associations of developmental coordination disorders and sensory integration disorders with family environment for motor development Page:86—89
23. Correlation between aerobic exercise ability, pulmonary function and heart rate recovery ability among students aged 7-12 years under different altitudes Page:90—95
24. Correlation between the ability of pull-up and the composition of upper limbs among male college students in Guangxi Page:96—99
25. Evaluation of continuous metabolic syndrome score as a screening tool for metabolic syndrome in Xinjiang urban population aged 15-18 years Page:100—102
26. Trend in caries prevalence of permanent teeth and DMFT in the 7-year-old primary school students of Han nationality from 1991 to 2014 Page:103—106
27. Drinking water current situation among Guanzhong area rural primary and secondary schools in 2018 Page:107—109
28. Drinking water and toilet sanitation of rural schools in Anhui during 2014-2018 Page:110—112