Volume: 47 Issue: 2

1. Is it Impossible to Replace Chloral Hydrate in Dental Sedation of Pediatric Dentistry in Korea? Page:228—234
2. Eruption Guidance of Horizontally Impacted Permanent First Molar with Primary Retention of Primary Second Molars: Case Reports Page:219—227
3. Autotransplantation of Premolars and Esthetic Rehabilitation in a Traumatized Teenage Patient with Challenging Oral Problems: A Case Report Page:213—218
4. Fracture Strength and Translucency of CAD/CAM Zirconia Crown for Primary Anterior Tooth Page:205—212
5. Fluoride Release and Recharge Properties of Several Fluoride-Containing Restorative Materials Page:196—204
6. Surface Roughness and Microbial Adhesion After Finishing of Alkasite Restorative Material Page:188—195
7. Validity, Reliability and Reproducibility of Space Analysis using Digital Model taken via Model Scanner and Intraoral Scanner: An In vivo Study Page:176—187
8. Evaluation of Palatal Rugae Following Orthopedic Treatment Using Rapid Maxillary Expander and Facemask Page:167—175
9. Retrospective Study of Infants who Visited Pediatric Dentistry Page:157—166
10. Comparison of Partial Pulpotomy in Permanent Molars Using Different Pulp Capping Agents and Restoration Materials Page:148—156
11. Retrospective Study on the Survival Rate of Preformed Metal Crowns in Permanent First Molars Page:140—147
12. Association between Developmental Anomalies of Permanent Lateral Incisors and Tooth Eruption Disturbances Page:128—139
13. Antimicrobial Effect of Photodynamic Therapy Using Plaque Disclosing Agent Page:120—127
14. The Effectiveness and Side Effects of Conscious Sedation using Chloral hydrate, Hydroxyzine, and Nitrous oxide Page:109—119
15. 2-Step Needle Insertion Technique to Reduce Pain in Children during Local Anesthesia Page:99—108