WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Gynecologic Oncology> 2016> 27> 2

Volume: 27 Issue: 2

1. Measuring tumor metabolic heterogeneity on positron emission tomography: utility in cervical cancer. Page:e12—
2. Combined modality therapy in the adjuvant treatment of uterine serous carcinoma. Page:e13—
3. DNA methylation in human papillomavirus-infected cervical cells is elevated in high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions and cancer. Page:e14—
4. Prognostic value of preoperative intratumoral FDG uptake heterogeneity in early stage uterine cervical cancer. Page:e15—
5. Details of recurrence sites after definitive radiation therapy for cervical cancer. Page:e16—
6. Definitive treatment of primary vaginal cancer with radiotherapy: multi-institutional retrospective study of the Korean Radiation Oncology Group (KROG 12-09). Page:e17—
7. Clinicopathological characteristics, treatment and outcomes in uterine carcinosarcoma and grade 3 endometrial cancer patients: a comparative study. Page:e18—
8. The impact of combined radiation and chemotherapy on outcome in uterine papillary serous carcinoma compared to chemotherapy alone. Page:e19—
9. Outcomes of laparoscopic fertility-sparing surgery in clinically early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer. Page:e20—
10. Clinical significance of human papillomavirus genotyping. Page:e21—
11. Toward precision medicine for preserving fertility in cancer patients: existing and emerging fertility preservation options for women. Page:e22—
12. Sentinel lymph node detection in endometrial cancer: does injection site make a difference?. Page:e23—