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Volume: 20 Issue: 4

1. Book Review: New Theory and Technique for Nerve-Sparing Radical Hysterectomy. Page:260—260
2. A favorable maternal and neonatal outcome following chemotherapy with etoposide, bleomycin, and cisplatin for management of grade 3 immature teratoma of the ovary. Page:257—259
3. Pregnancy following vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: a report of two cases. Page:254—256
4. A case of advanced gynecologic pelvic tumors showing the diagnostic utility of HPV analysis. Page:251—253
5. Chemotherapy and patient co-morbidity in ventral site hernia development. Page:246—250
6. Epstein-Barr virus-transformation of B-cell lines in ovarian cancer patients: feasibility of genomic storage for unlimited use. Page:243—245
7. A hospital-based case-control study of identifying ovarian cancer using symptom index. Page:238—242
8. The utility of the human papillomavirus DNA load for the diagnosis and prediction of persistent vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia. Page:232—237
9. Treatment outcomes and prognostic factors in uterine cervical cancer patients treated with postoperative extended field radiation therapy. Page:227—231
10. Weekly cisplatin or gemcitabine concomitant with radiation in the management of locally advanced carcinoma cervix: results from an observational study. Page:221—226
11. Correlation between tumor volume response to radiotherapy and expression of biological markers in patients with cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Page:215—220
12. KGOG's & KSGOC's Symposium, Nov. 12-13, 2009. Page:213—214
13. ASGO's First Biennial Meeting, Nov. 22, 2009. Page:210—212
14. Major clinical research advances in gynecologic cancer 2009. Page:203—209
15. Time for global efforts with clinical trials for advanced cervical cancer patients. Page:201—202