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1. A Study on Application of Inhalation Risk Assessment Model of USEPA in Occupational Health Risk Assessment Page:109—113,127
2. A Cross-sectional Study on the Semen Quality and Potential Risk Factors in Males Attending Infertility Clinic in South Zhejiang Page:114—118
3. A Case-control Study on Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Mountain Residents Page:119—122
4. An Investigation on Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Its Distribution of Related Subtypes in Hangzhou Enterprise Workers Page:123—127
5. A Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Rice Page:128—132
6. A Study on Evaluation Methods of Local Basic Public Health Services Page:133—136,145
7. A Comparison Analysis on Trimester-specific Thyroid Function-related Parameters among Pregnant Women in Wenzhou City Page:137—140,145
8. The Health Status Assessment of Public Officials by Using Human Energy Monitor Page:141—145
9. The effect evaluation on the application of BacT/ALERT 3 D technique for the fast cultivation of mycobacterium tuberculosis Page:217—220
10. A study on genotyping of mycobacterium tuberculosis by variable number tandem repeat analysis method Page:221—223,228
11. Medical cost analysis of initially-treated patients with tuberculosis under designated hospital mode Page:224—228
12. A study on the relationship between mental health status and medication adherence in tuberculosis patients Page:229—232,241
13. A comparison study on the multi-drug resistance of tuberculosis in Huzhou City Page:233—236
14. A study on patients’negative emotional reactions and its influencing factors at the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis Page:237—241
15. An analysis on the status of drug-resistance of tuberculosis in Shaoxing City Page:242—244,262
16. A study on the influence of parental history of allergy on the level of cytokine in umbilical cord blood Page:245—248
17. A cross-sectional study on the unhealthy behavior among adolescents Page:249—252,262
18. A survey on the reasons of smoking and nicotine dependence in patients with schizophrenia Page:253—256
19. A study on the relationship between body mass index and KAP of weight control Page:257—262
20. An evaluation of immunization coverage of the first dose of measles containing vaccine using incidence rate Page:263—265,271
21. Analysis on Incidence and Mortality Characteristics of Thyroid Cancer during 2007 to 2011 in Zhejiang Province Page:433—437
22. The Distribution of High Risk Human Papilloma Virus Types in Cervical Cancer among Chinese Population:A Meta -analysis Page:438—441
23. An Evaluation on Primary Dentition Caries among Preschool Children with ICDAS Criteria Page:442—445
24. A Study on Relationship between Anti -diarrhea Medicine Sales Volume and the Incidence of Diarrhea in Hangzhou Page:446—448,462
25. Stratification Logistic Regression Analysis on the Relationship between Body Mass Index,Waist Circumference and Hypertension Page:449—453
26. An Application Evaluation on Different Screening Methods of Breast Cancer Page:454—458
27. A Study of Evaluation on Life Quality among Tuberculosis Patients Page:459—462
28. A Study on Correlations between Atherogenic Index of Plasma, High Sensitive C Reactive Protein and Blood Glucose among Physical Examination Population Page:463—466
29. A Study on Association of Nutrition Training and Nutrition Intervention Consciousness,Intervention Behaviors among Community Medical Staff in Hangzhou City Page:467—472
30. An analysis on bladder cancer incidence and mortality in cancer registries of Zhejiang province,2000-2009 Page:473—476
31. An Effect Evaluation on the Intervention Mode of AIDS High -risk Behaviors Page:477—480
32. Spatial autocorrelation analysis on hand-foot-mouth disease using Moran′s I index Page:541—543,556
33. A study on relationship between variation of P gene region and genotyping of Lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B virus Page:544—547
34. The long-term efficacy of recombinant hepatitis B vaccines for children Page:548—551
35. A study on mutagenicity and antioxidant activity of proanthocyanidin Page:552—556
36. A study on performance evaluation index system of community disease control and prevention in Hangzhou Page:557—560,564
37. A study on awareness of diabetic nephropathy among diabetes patients Page:561—564
38. An effect evaluation on community health self-management carried out by health club Page:565—568
39. An investigation on family function and quality of life among Alzheimer′s disease caregivers Page:569—571,580
40. A cross-sectional study on job burnout and its influence factors among registered nurses Page:572—575
41. Analysis on relationship between influenza A (H1 N1) and meteorological conditions and its prediction model Page:649—652,658
42. A Cross-sectional study on tick-borne Rickettsiae infections among murine-like animals Page:659—663
43. A study on relationship between the expression of CDR gene in Candida albicans and fluconazole susceptibility test in vitro Page:664—666,670
44. A cross-sectional study on related risk factors of type II diabetes among rural residents Page:667—670
45. A study on relationship between type II diabetes, hyper lipid level and carotid artery atherosclerosis by ultrasonography Page:671—674
46. The application and evaluation of control strategies of epidemic encephalitis B in Guangxi Page:675—678
47. An investigation on transmission risk of avian influenza A (H7 N9)virus in farm product market Page:679—682
48. The circular distribution analysis on peak changes of hand-foot-mouth disease in Zhoushan City Page:683—686
49. A study on orthodontic recognition and treatment demand among undergraduates Page:687—690
50. A study on difference of transcription level of thermostable direct hemolysin in Vibrio parahaemolyticus Page:761—763,767
51. A study on application of BacT/ALERT 3D liquid culture technology on tuberculosis drug resistance detection Page:764—767
52. A comparison study on influencing factors of two different successful aging models Page:768—771
53. A case -control study on risk factors of lung cancer among non -smoking women Page:772—774,782
54. A case -control study on risk factors of malignant tumors in Tongxiang city Page:775—778
55. An effect study on comprehensive community intervention of early diabetic nephropathy Page:779—782
56. An investigation on status of health literacy and its influencing factors among residents in Qiandao Lake town Page:783—786
57. Lipoprotein lipase gene polymorphisms:associations with hypertension combined with obesity and their lipids metabolism Page:787—790,795
58. A study on weight of indicators for evaluating service capacity of maternal and child health care institution at county level Page:791—795
59. An evaluation on dietary pattern and quality among residents in Zhejiang province Page:865—868,879
60. A study on relationship between mental health and aggression among middle school students Page:869—871
61. An analysis on relationship between traditional Chinese medical constitution and chronic diseases and its related factors among middle-aged and the elderly Page:872—875
62. An investigation on vitamin D status of residents in Zhejiang province Page:876—879
63. Analysis on the genetic characteristics of HIV-1 infected MSM individuals in Zhejiang province Page:880—883
64. A study on engineering protection measures and risk assessment of an oil terminal project Page:884—887,892
65. A case-control study on the relationship of drinking water from farmland edge and digestive tract cancers Page:888—892
66. A comparison study on stigma of schizophrenia in remission between outpatients and inpatients Page:893—896
67. A study on genetic characteristics of Enterovirus type 71 of hand-foot-mouth disease in Shaoxing city Page:897—900
68. An Analysis on health literacy and its influencing factors about infectious diseases among residents in Huai'an city Page:901—904
69. A study on status and standards of human resources of vaccination clinics in Zhejiang Province Page:905—908
70. A research on the dietary intake of selenium among rural and urban residents Page:977—981
71. The Status of iron deficiency anemia and its effect on growth and development among infants Page:982—985
72. The genotyping of ofloxacin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis with MIRU-VNTR in Hangzhou city Page:986—989,997
73. The diagnosis values of whole blood IFN-γrelease assay on pulmonary tuberculosis and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis Page:990—993,997
74. A study on the genotoxicity of sapindus saponin Page:998—1001
75. The relationship between anti-cardiolipin antibodies and recurrent cerebral infarction Page:1002—1004,1012
76. An observation on effect of different dosage booster immunization of hepatitis Bvaccine Page:1081—1084
77. The quantitative baseline HBsAg level as a predictor for therapeutic effect among HBeAg -positive chronic hepatitis B patients treated with PEG -IFN α-2b Page:1085—1088
78. The inhibition effect on methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus N31 5 of human βdefensin 3 combined with antibiotics Page:1089—1092
79. The relationship between high-sensitive C-reactive protein and pulmonary arterial pressure among patients with pneumoconiosis combined with infection Page:1093—1095,1100
80. A cross -sectional study on metabolic syndrome among rural adults Page:1096—1100
81. A study on health lifestyles and its influencing factors among scientific and technical workers Page:1101—1105
82. An evaluation of self -efficacy application on the rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients after ischemic stroke Page:1106—1109,1113
83. A cross -sectional study on prevalence of hypertension among community residents Page:1110—1113
84. An Analysis on the treatment outcome of 68 cases of MDR -TB patients Page:1114—1116,1119
85. A study on direct economic burden of chronic hepatitis B-relevant diseases Page:1—5,9
86. A survey on the consumption of edible oil among residents in Tongxiang City Page:6—9
87. A survey on the nutritional status of vitamin A among urban residents Page:10—13,47
88. A study on the characteristics and influencing factors of heterosexual intercourse among MSM population Page:14—16,20
89. An analysis on the influencing factors of compliance in colorectal cancer screening among residents in Songjiang District Page:17—20
90. A study on sleep status and influencing factors among patients with diabetes in community Page:21—24
91. A cross sectional study on the risk factors of type 2 diabetes mellitus among adults Page:25—27,31
92. An evaluation on newborn screening of hearing combined with deafness predisposing genes Page:28—31
93. Application of poisson distribution in early warning of HFMD Page:32—35
94. An investigation on health literacy and its influencing factors among urban and rural residents in Lishui City Page:36—39
95. A study on the mechanism of biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its relationship with drug resistance Page:40—43
96. An evaluation of the health promoting in farmers' market in Hangzhou City Page:44—47
97. A study on influence factors of ability of emotional and behavior management among the elderly Page:109—112,116
98. A study on the prevalence and risk factors of depression among H -type hypertension patients Page:113—116
99. An analysis on the relationship between Homocysteine levels and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases Page:117—119,123
100. An analysis on the prevalence of thyroid nodules and risk factors among residents from coastal area Page:120—123
101. A case -case control study on risk factors of the re -treatment multidrug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis Page:124—126,130
102. The results of the epidemiological surveillance of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Ningbo City Page:127—130
103. A study on the influence of maternal history of allergy on the levels of cytokine in umbilical cord blood Page:131—133,159
104. A study on drug resistance and disinfection -resistant gene qac(A/B)in Staphylococcus aureus Page:134—136,146
105. The expression of Twist and E -cadherin and its clinical significance in ovarian endometriosis Page:137—141
106. The effects of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots on embryonic development of zebrafish Page:142—146
107. The application of ARIMA model in predicting incidence trend of hand -foot -mouth disease Page:147—149
108. A case -control study on the risk factors of congenital heart disease among perinatal infants Page:217—220,224
109. A study on the detection rate of deafness predisposing genes among newborns Page:221—224
110. A comparison study on the growth velocity of low birth weight and normal birth weight infants Page:225—228
111. An investigation on 25 -hydroxyvitamin D level among children aged 0 -9 years Page:229—231
112. An analysis on the prognostic factors of community -acquired pneumonia among children Page:232—234,239
113. A study on the Life quality and its influencing factors among the elderly with cardiovascular diseases in rural areas Page:235—239
114. A study on the heavy metal pollution in soils of vegetable plantation bases Page:240—244,253
115. An analysis on the status and influencing factors of breastfeeding among infants within six months of age Page:245—248
116. A study on the regional parameters of triple screening model of Down syndrome in the second trimester in Jinhua City Page:249—253
117. A study on the status and influencing factors of anxiety and depression among the people affected by leprosy Page:254—256,261
118. The optimization of culture conditions of MRC -5 human diploid cell Page:257—261
119. A study on the immunity level of Neisseria meningitides serogroup W1 35 among healthy population Page:325—327,333
120. An analysis on the influencing factors of pregnant women's choice of abortion methods by the combination of decision tree and logistic regression model Page:328—333
121. An analysis on the influencing factors of insulin resistance among children in the mountainous area Page:334—336,345
122. A study on the refractive status and its influencing factors among preschool children Page:337—340
123. A cross -sectional survey on the status of main physical development among the junior middle school students in Hangzhou City Page:341—345
124. A study on the heavy metal pollution of home -grown vegetables in a city Page:346—350
125. A study on the level of N -terminal pro -B -type natriuretic peptide in evaluating the cardiac function of pregnant women with cardiac disease Page:351—354
126. A meta -analysis on the mental health status among Chinese officials Page:355—357,365
127. A study on the single -tube multiplex RT -real time PCR assay in detecting rotavirus,astrovirus and hepatitis A virus Page:358—361
128. A study on the effect of Ethyl Carbamate on the immune function of ICR mice Page:362—365
129. A study on dose -response relationship between human hearing loss and non -stationary noise among workers Page:433—435,449
130. Assessment of hygienic status of central air conditioning ventilation system in public places by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method Page:436—439
131. The effects of metformin on glucolipid metabolic disorders and liver lipid deposition caused by clozapine in rats Page:440—444
132. Effects of Chinese yellow wine on rat vascular endothelial cells and atherosclerosis induced by TNF -α Page:445—449
133. A study on the relationship between alcohol drinking and fatty liver Page:450—453
134. A study on the influential factors for quality of life among patients with diabetes in rural area Page:454—457
135. An evaluation of life quality among patients with diabetes mellitus in rural areas Page:458—461
136. A cross -sectional study on self -reported acute gastroenteritis in Hangzhou -Jiaxing -Huzhou area Page:462—465
137. A study on immunologic response at different periods with different hepatitis B vaccine in infants Page:466—468,476
138. A survey on the behavioral risk factors of chronic diseases among residents in Yongjia County Page:469—472
139. An evaluation of left ventricular function in NMT by velocity vector imaging Page:473—476
140. A study on the HIV RNA and CD4 cell levels among patients with AIDS and hepatitis C Page:541—543
141. A cross -sectional study on the prevalence of anorectal disease and its influencing factors among rural residents Page:544—546,560
142. An analysis on the dietary arsenic intake level among residents in Hangzhou City Page:547—550,571
143. A study on the relationship between serum fatty acids and blood pressure among hypertension patients Page:551—555
144. An study on status and influencing factors of mercury exposure in neonatal umbilical cord blood in Zhoushan Islands Page:556—560
145. A study on the relationship between smoking and blood inflammatory cytokines as well as atherosclerosis Page:561—563,576
146. A study on the relationship between NAT2 genetic polymorphisms and biomarkers related to anti -tuberculosis drug -induced liver injury Page:564—567
147. An investigation on the epidemic characteristics of mycoplasmal pneumonia outbreak in a middle school Page:568—571
148. An evaluation study on the level of regional public health development in Zhejiang Province Page:649—652
149. An analysis on spatial and temporal distribution of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 N1 Page:653—656,690
150. A study on the status of depressive symptoms and its influencing factors among men who have sex with men Page:657—660
151. The comparation on living quality of the empty nest elderly and the non-empty-nest old people in rural area of Guizhou Province Page:661—664
152. A case-control study on influencing factors of community-based hypertension control Page:665—668
153. An evaluation on the clinical application of risk score method in predicting type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:669—672
154. An analysis on the influencing factors for the severity of motor vehicle road traffic injures Page:673—676,685
155. The protective effects and mechanism of quercetin against the oxidative damage on renal cell Page:677—681
156. A study on the association between vitamin D status and ultrasonic bone mineral density among children Page:682—685
157. A study on the construction of health unit evaluation index system Page:686—690
158. A study on the application of MPB64 antigen detection of immune colloidal gold method for identification of Mycobacterium Page:691—694
159. An observation on the immune effect of hepatitis B vaccine by different immunization schedules among adults Page:757—760
160. The application of X -1 2 -ARIMA model in analysis on incidence trend of typhoid Page:761—763,767
161. The effects of gutter oil on liver function,renal function and serum lipid metabolism in mice Page:764—767
162. A study on the effect of nanometer titanium dioxide on the oxidative stress in zebrafish Page:768—771,779
163. An investigation on the status of wild freshwater fish and shrimp infected with metacercaria of clonorchis sinensis in Jinhua City Page:772—774
164. A study on the fists size related to height,weight and body mass index among adults Page:775—779
165. The alteration and significance of retinol binding protein 4(RBP4)in breast milk of patients with gestational diabetes mellitus Page:780—783,787
166. A study on the detection rate and influencing factors of depression among junior middle school students Page:784—787
167. A study on the plasma lipids level and its influencing factors among adults in Tongxiang City Page:788—792
168. An analysis on influencing factors of health literacy among residents of Chaoyang District,Beijing City Page:793—796
169. The application of western blot in treponema pallidum antibody screening among blood donors Page:797—800
170. An analysis on the expression level and influencing factors of CD4 +CD25 + regulatory cells among male drug -abusers with syphilis Page:865—868
171. An application of Delphi method in the establishment of evaluation index system for health promotion in hospital Page:869—872
172. An enlightenment from disaster medical rescue of Philippines typhoon Page:873—876
173. A study on the relationship between social support and life satisfaction among patients with irritable bowel syndrome and the effect of self -esteem as a mediator Page:877—880
174. A comparative study on health statistical survey system between China and the United States of American Page:884—888
175. An analysis on the delay factors of the treatment and diagnosis among pulmonary tuberculosis patients Page:889—892,896
176. A survey on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among city residents in Wenzhou City Page:893—896
177. A study on the estimation of type I and type II error of national basic public health services supervision through random sampling Page:973—976
178. A study on the application of foreign occupational health and safety checklist in assessing the occupational health intervention effects Page:977—980
179. An analysis on the association of body mass index,waist circumstance and the risk of hypertension among residents Page:981—984,988
180. A dynamic investigation of smoking -related knowledge, attitude and behavioral among adult residents in Shangcheng District Page:985—988
181. The dominant genotypes of porinⅠ gene of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates in Zhejiang Province and the construction of the prokaryotic expression system Page:989—991,998
182. An analysis on HIV infection status and related factors among men who have sex with men Page:992—994,998
183. An analysis on the high risk factors of pelvic lymph node metastasis in cervical carcinoma patients Page:995—998
184. A study on the status and equity of resource allocation for community vaccination services in Zhejiang Province Page:999—1002,1011
185. An investigation on knowledge,attitude,and willingness of human organ donation among undergraduate students in Hangzhou City Page:1003—1007
186. An analysis on the result of early detection and treatment of cancer in Zhejiang urban population Page:1189—1193
187. A study on the influence of dichloromethane exposure on liver function among furniture manufacturing workers Page:1194—1197
188. A study on the mechanism of Gal - 1 promote gastric cancer cell migration and invasion by up - regulating MMP - 9 Page:1198—1201
189. An analysis on the prevalence and risk factors of non - communicable diseases among immigrants in Xiacheng district in Hangxhou city Page:1202—1205,1209
190. An analysis on the influencing factors of cerebral infarction among the youth Page:1206—1209
191. An analysis on the direct economic loss and its influencing factors of pneumoconiosis in Zhejiang province Page:1210—1212,1216
192. A study on the association between preeclampsia and the related screening markers during the first and second trimester Page:1213—1216
193. An investigation on job satisfaction and turnover intention among staff in primary health institutions in Jingning county,Zhejiang province Page:1217—1220,1225
194. An analysis on the dietary nutrition status among residents in Hangxhou Page:1221—1225
195. An analysis on the reliability and validity of a scoring system of house -tree -person test for depression Page:1—4
196. An analysis on the correlations between the scarlet fever and meteorological factors with generalized additive model Page:5—8,16
197. A case -control study on the association between single nucleotide polymorphism of eNOS gene T -786C and G894T and the risk of coronary heart disease Page:9—12
198. A time series analysis on under 5 mortality rate in Zhejiang Province Page:13—16
199. A path analysis on the relationships among coping style,personality characteristics and mobile phone addiction tendency among college students Page:17—19,52
200. An empirical study on the willingness to engage in elderly care among nursing students in junior college based on the theory of planned behavior Page:20—23
201. A study on effects of various chronic diseases on quality of life Page:24—27
202. An analysis on the status of HIV periodic testing and its influencing factors among MSM Page:28—31
203. Using Delphi method to establish evaluation indicator system for the emergency response capability of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Page:32—36
204. A study on the development of a triplex real -time RT -PCR for simultaneous detection of enteroviruses and differentiation of EV 71 and CA 16 Page:217—220
205. An analysis on plasma microRNA profiling and function among population exposed to asbestos Page:221—225
206. An analysis on the disease burden of smoking in Hangzhou City Page:226—229,239
207. A study on the influence of air temperature on the mortality among the elderly Page:230—233
208. A study on the effect of repeated -dose toxicity on rats exposed to dichloromethane by dermal route for 28 days Page:234—239
209. A study on the effect of regular aerobic exercise on artery elasticity among patients with essential hypertension Page:240—243
210. An analysis on the trend of thyroid cancer incidence among urban residents in Hangzhou City Page:244—246,255
211. A study on the comprehensive evaluation index system for national health city Page:247—251