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Volume: Issue: 9

1. An evaluation on dietary pattern and quality among residents in Zhejiang province Page:865—868,879
2. A study on relationship between mental health and aggression among middle school students Page:869—871
3. An analysis on relationship between traditional Chinese medical constitution and chronic diseases and its related factors among middle-aged and the elderly Page:872—875
4. An investigation on vitamin D status of residents in Zhejiang province Page:876—879
5. Analysis on the genetic characteristics of HIV-1 infected MSM individuals in Zhejiang province Page:880—883
6. A study on engineering protection measures and risk assessment of an oil terminal project Page:884—887,892
7. A case-control study on the relationship of drinking water from farmland edge and digestive tract cancers Page:888—892
8. A comparison study on stigma of schizophrenia in remission between outpatients and inpatients Page:893—896
9. A study on genetic characteristics of Enterovirus type 71 of hand-foot-mouth disease in Shaoxing city Page:897—900
10. An Analysis on health literacy and its influencing factors about infectious diseases among residents in Huai'an city Page:901—904
11. A study on status and standards of human resources of vaccination clinics in Zhejiang Province Page:905—908
12. An analysis on the expression level and influencing factors of CD4 +CD25 + regulatory cells among male drug -abusers with syphilis Page:865—868
13. An application of Delphi method in the establishment of evaluation index system for health promotion in hospital Page:869—872
14. An enlightenment from disaster medical rescue of Philippines typhoon Page:873—876
15. A study on the relationship between social support and life satisfaction among patients with irritable bowel syndrome and the effect of self -esteem as a mediator Page:877—880
16. A comparative study on health statistical survey system between China and the United States of American Page:884—888
17. An analysis on the delay factors of the treatment and diagnosis among pulmonary tuberculosis patients Page:889—892,896
18. A survey on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among city residents in Wenzhou City Page:893—896