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Volume: Issue: 8

1. A study on difference of transcription level of thermostable direct hemolysin in Vibrio parahaemolyticus Page:761—763,767
2. A study on application of BacT/ALERT 3D liquid culture technology on tuberculosis drug resistance detection Page:764—767
3. A comparison study on influencing factors of two different successful aging models Page:768—771
4. A case -control study on risk factors of lung cancer among non -smoking women Page:772—774,782
5. A case -control study on risk factors of malignant tumors in Tongxiang city Page:775—778
6. An effect study on comprehensive community intervention of early diabetic nephropathy Page:779—782
7. An investigation on status of health literacy and its influencing factors among residents in Qiandao Lake town Page:783—786
8. Lipoprotein lipase gene polymorphisms:associations with hypertension combined with obesity and their lipids metabolism Page:787—790,795
9. A study on weight of indicators for evaluating service capacity of maternal and child health care institution at county level Page:791—795
10. An observation on the immune effect of hepatitis B vaccine by different immunization schedules among adults Page:757—760
11. The application of X -1 2 -ARIMA model in analysis on incidence trend of typhoid Page:761—763,767
12. The effects of gutter oil on liver function,renal function and serum lipid metabolism in mice Page:764—767
13. A study on the effect of nanometer titanium dioxide on the oxidative stress in zebrafish Page:768—771,779
14. An investigation on the status of wild freshwater fish and shrimp infected with metacercaria of clonorchis sinensis in Jinhua City Page:772—774
15. A study on the fists size related to height,weight and body mass index among adults Page:775—779
16. The alteration and significance of retinol binding protein 4(RBP4)in breast milk of patients with gestational diabetes mellitus Page:780—783,787
17. A study on the detection rate and influencing factors of depression among junior middle school students Page:784—787
18. A study on the plasma lipids level and its influencing factors among adults in Tongxiang City Page:788—792
19. An analysis on influencing factors of health literacy among residents of Chaoyang District,Beijing City Page:793—796
20. The application of western blot in treponema pallidum antibody screening among blood donors Page:797—800