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Volume: Issue: 7

1. Analysis on relationship between influenza A (H1 N1) and meteorological conditions and its prediction model Page:649—652,658
2. A Cross-sectional study on tick-borne Rickettsiae infections among murine-like animals Page:659—663
3. A study on relationship between the expression of CDR gene in Candida albicans and fluconazole susceptibility test in vitro Page:664—666,670
4. A cross-sectional study on related risk factors of type II diabetes among rural residents Page:667—670
5. A study on relationship between type II diabetes, hyper lipid level and carotid artery atherosclerosis by ultrasonography Page:671—674
6. The application and evaluation of control strategies of epidemic encephalitis B in Guangxi Page:675—678
7. An investigation on transmission risk of avian influenza A (H7 N9)virus in farm product market Page:679—682
8. The circular distribution analysis on peak changes of hand-foot-mouth disease in Zhoushan City Page:683—686
9. A study on orthodontic recognition and treatment demand among undergraduates Page:687—690
10. An evaluation study on the level of regional public health development in Zhejiang Province Page:649—652
11. An analysis on spatial and temporal distribution of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 N1 Page:653—656,690
12. A study on the status of depressive symptoms and its influencing factors among men who have sex with men Page:657—660
13. The comparation on living quality of the empty nest elderly and the non-empty-nest old people in rural area of Guizhou Province Page:661—664
14. A case-control study on influencing factors of community-based hypertension control Page:665—668
15. An evaluation on the clinical application of risk score method in predicting type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:669—672
16. An analysis on the influencing factors for the severity of motor vehicle road traffic injures Page:673—676,685
17. The protective effects and mechanism of quercetin against the oxidative damage on renal cell Page:677—681
18. A study on the association between vitamin D status and ultrasonic bone mineral density among children Page:682—685
19. A study on the construction of health unit evaluation index system Page:686—690
20. A study on the application of MPB64 antigen detection of immune colloidal gold method for identification of Mycobacterium Page:691—694