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Volume: Issue: 6

1. Spatial autocorrelation analysis on hand-foot-mouth disease using Moran′s I index Page:541—543,556
2. A study on relationship between variation of P gene region and genotyping of Lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B virus Page:544—547
3. The long-term efficacy of recombinant hepatitis B vaccines for children Page:548—551
4. A study on mutagenicity and antioxidant activity of proanthocyanidin Page:552—556
5. A study on performance evaluation index system of community disease control and prevention in Hangzhou Page:557—560,564
6. A study on awareness of diabetic nephropathy among diabetes patients Page:561—564
7. An effect evaluation on community health self-management carried out by health club Page:565—568
8. An investigation on family function and quality of life among Alzheimer′s disease caregivers Page:569—571,580
9. A cross-sectional study on job burnout and its influence factors among registered nurses Page:572—575
10. A study on the HIV RNA and CD4 cell levels among patients with AIDS and hepatitis C Page:541—543
11. A cross -sectional study on the prevalence of anorectal disease and its influencing factors among rural residents Page:544—546,560
12. An analysis on the dietary arsenic intake level among residents in Hangzhou City Page:547—550,571
13. A study on the relationship between serum fatty acids and blood pressure among hypertension patients Page:551—555
14. An study on status and influencing factors of mercury exposure in neonatal umbilical cord blood in Zhoushan Islands Page:556—560
15. A study on the relationship between smoking and blood inflammatory cytokines as well as atherosclerosis Page:561—563,576
16. A study on the relationship between NAT2 genetic polymorphisms and biomarkers related to anti -tuberculosis drug -induced liver injury Page:564—567
17. An investigation on the epidemic characteristics of mycoplasmal pneumonia outbreak in a middle school Page:568—571