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Volume: Issue: 5

1. Analysis on Incidence and Mortality Characteristics of Thyroid Cancer during 2007 to 2011 in Zhejiang Province Page:433—437
2. The Distribution of High Risk Human Papilloma Virus Types in Cervical Cancer among Chinese Population:A Meta -analysis Page:438—441
3. An Evaluation on Primary Dentition Caries among Preschool Children with ICDAS Criteria Page:442—445
4. A Study on Relationship between Anti -diarrhea Medicine Sales Volume and the Incidence of Diarrhea in Hangzhou Page:446—448,462
5. Stratification Logistic Regression Analysis on the Relationship between Body Mass Index,Waist Circumference and Hypertension Page:449—453
6. An Application Evaluation on Different Screening Methods of Breast Cancer Page:454—458
7. A Study of Evaluation on Life Quality among Tuberculosis Patients Page:459—462
8. A Study on Correlations between Atherogenic Index of Plasma, High Sensitive C Reactive Protein and Blood Glucose among Physical Examination Population Page:463—466
9. A Study on Association of Nutrition Training and Nutrition Intervention Consciousness,Intervention Behaviors among Community Medical Staff in Hangzhou City Page:467—472
10. An analysis on bladder cancer incidence and mortality in cancer registries of Zhejiang province,2000-2009 Page:473—476
11. An Effect Evaluation on the Intervention Mode of AIDS High -risk Behaviors Page:477—480
12. A study on dose -response relationship between human hearing loss and non -stationary noise among workers Page:433—435,449
13. Assessment of hygienic status of central air conditioning ventilation system in public places by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method Page:436—439
14. The effects of metformin on glucolipid metabolic disorders and liver lipid deposition caused by clozapine in rats Page:440—444
15. Effects of Chinese yellow wine on rat vascular endothelial cells and atherosclerosis induced by TNF -α Page:445—449
16. A study on the relationship between alcohol drinking and fatty liver Page:450—453
17. A study on the influential factors for quality of life among patients with diabetes in rural area Page:454—457
18. An evaluation of life quality among patients with diabetes mellitus in rural areas Page:458—461
19. A cross -sectional study on self -reported acute gastroenteritis in Hangzhou -Jiaxing -Huzhou area Page:462—465
20. A study on immunologic response at different periods with different hepatitis B vaccine in infants Page:466—468,476
21. A survey on the behavioral risk factors of chronic diseases among residents in Yongjia County Page:469—472
22. An evaluation of left ventricular function in NMT by velocity vector imaging Page:473—476