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Volume: Issue: 3

1. The effect evaluation on the application of BacT/ALERT 3 D technique for the fast cultivation of mycobacterium tuberculosis Page:217—220
2. A study on genotyping of mycobacterium tuberculosis by variable number tandem repeat analysis method Page:221—223,228
3. Medical cost analysis of initially-treated patients with tuberculosis under designated hospital mode Page:224—228
4. A study on the relationship between mental health status and medication adherence in tuberculosis patients Page:229—232,241
5. A comparison study on the multi-drug resistance of tuberculosis in Huzhou City Page:233—236
6. A study on patients’negative emotional reactions and its influencing factors at the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis Page:237—241
7. An analysis on the status of drug-resistance of tuberculosis in Shaoxing City Page:242—244,262
8. A study on the influence of parental history of allergy on the level of cytokine in umbilical cord blood Page:245—248
9. A cross-sectional study on the unhealthy behavior among adolescents Page:249—252,262
10. A survey on the reasons of smoking and nicotine dependence in patients with schizophrenia Page:253—256
11. A study on the relationship between body mass index and KAP of weight control Page:257—262
12. An evaluation of immunization coverage of the first dose of measles containing vaccine using incidence rate Page:263—265,271
13. A case -control study on the risk factors of congenital heart disease among perinatal infants Page:217—220,224
14. A study on the detection rate of deafness predisposing genes among newborns Page:221—224
15. A comparison study on the growth velocity of low birth weight and normal birth weight infants Page:225—228
16. An investigation on 25 -hydroxyvitamin D level among children aged 0 -9 years Page:229—231
17. An analysis on the prognostic factors of community -acquired pneumonia among children Page:232—234,239
18. A study on the Life quality and its influencing factors among the elderly with cardiovascular diseases in rural areas Page:235—239
19. A study on the heavy metal pollution in soils of vegetable plantation bases Page:240—244,253
20. An analysis on the status and influencing factors of breastfeeding among infants within six months of age Page:245—248
21. A study on the regional parameters of triple screening model of Down syndrome in the second trimester in Jinhua City Page:249—253
22. A study on the status and influencing factors of anxiety and depression among the people affected by leprosy Page:254—256,261
23. The optimization of culture conditions of MRC -5 human diploid cell Page:257—261
24. A study on the development of a triplex real -time RT -PCR for simultaneous detection of enteroviruses and differentiation of EV 71 and CA 16 Page:217—220
25. An analysis on plasma microRNA profiling and function among population exposed to asbestos Page:221—225
26. An analysis on the disease burden of smoking in Hangzhou City Page:226—229,239
27. A study on the influence of air temperature on the mortality among the elderly Page:230—233
28. A study on the effect of repeated -dose toxicity on rats exposed to dichloromethane by dermal route for 28 days Page:234—239
29. A study on the effect of regular aerobic exercise on artery elasticity among patients with essential hypertension Page:240—243
30. An analysis on the trend of thyroid cancer incidence among urban residents in Hangzhou City Page:244—246,255
31. A study on the comprehensive evaluation index system for national health city Page:247—251