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Volume: Issue: 2

1. A Study on Application of Inhalation Risk Assessment Model of USEPA in Occupational Health Risk Assessment Page:109—113,127
2. A Cross-sectional Study on the Semen Quality and Potential Risk Factors in Males Attending Infertility Clinic in South Zhejiang Page:114—118
3. A Case-control Study on Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Mountain Residents Page:119—122
4. An Investigation on Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Its Distribution of Related Subtypes in Hangzhou Enterprise Workers Page:123—127
5. A Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Rice Page:128—132
6. A Study on Evaluation Methods of Local Basic Public Health Services Page:133—136,145
7. A Comparison Analysis on Trimester-specific Thyroid Function-related Parameters among Pregnant Women in Wenzhou City Page:137—140,145
8. The Health Status Assessment of Public Officials by Using Human Energy Monitor Page:141—145
9. A study on influence factors of ability of emotional and behavior management among the elderly Page:109—112,116
10. A study on the prevalence and risk factors of depression among H -type hypertension patients Page:113—116
11. An analysis on the relationship between Homocysteine levels and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases Page:117—119,123
12. An analysis on the prevalence of thyroid nodules and risk factors among residents from coastal area Page:120—123
13. A case -case control study on risk factors of the re -treatment multidrug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis Page:124—126,130
14. The results of the epidemiological surveillance of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Ningbo City Page:127—130
15. A study on the influence of maternal history of allergy on the levels of cytokine in umbilical cord blood Page:131—133,159
16. A study on drug resistance and disinfection -resistant gene qac(A/B)in Staphylococcus aureus Page:134—136,146
17. The expression of Twist and E -cadherin and its clinical significance in ovarian endometriosis Page:137—141
18. The effects of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots on embryonic development of zebrafish Page:142—146
19. The application of ARIMA model in predicting incidence trend of hand -foot -mouth disease Page:147—149