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Volume: Issue: 10

1. A research on the dietary intake of selenium among rural and urban residents Page:977—981
2. The Status of iron deficiency anemia and its effect on growth and development among infants Page:982—985
3. The genotyping of ofloxacin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis with MIRU-VNTR in Hangzhou city Page:986—989,997
4. The diagnosis values of whole blood IFN-γrelease assay on pulmonary tuberculosis and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis Page:990—993,997
5. A study on the genotoxicity of sapindus saponin Page:998—1001
6. The relationship between anti-cardiolipin antibodies and recurrent cerebral infarction Page:1002—1004,1012
7. A study on the estimation of type I and type II error of national basic public health services supervision through random sampling Page:973—976
8. A study on the application of foreign occupational health and safety checklist in assessing the occupational health intervention effects Page:977—980
9. An analysis on the association of body mass index,waist circumstance and the risk of hypertension among residents Page:981—984,988
10. A dynamic investigation of smoking -related knowledge, attitude and behavioral among adult residents in Shangcheng District Page:985—988
11. The dominant genotypes of porinⅠ gene of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates in Zhejiang Province and the construction of the prokaryotic expression system Page:989—991,998
12. An analysis on HIV infection status and related factors among men who have sex with men Page:992—994,998
13. An analysis on the high risk factors of pelvic lymph node metastasis in cervical carcinoma patients Page:995—998
14. A study on the status and equity of resource allocation for community vaccination services in Zhejiang Province Page:999—1002,1011
15. An investigation on knowledge,attitude,and willingness of human organ donation among undergraduate students in Hangzhou City Page:1003—1007