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Volume: 11 Issue: 3

1. Assessment and explorations on the mechanism of neuroprotection of patients in ischemic stroke by traditional Chinese medicine. Page:237—240
2. Effect of intestinal cytochrome P450 3A on phytochemical presystemic metabolism. Page:232—236
3. A clinical study on the effect of Yinxing Damo combined with betahistine hydrochloride injection on vertebral basilar artery ischemic vertigo. Page:229—231
4. Clinical observation of Gingko biloba extract injection in treating early diabetic nephropathy. Page:226—228
5. A clinical study of Safflower Yellow injection in treating coronary heart disease angina pectoris with Xin-blood stagnation syndrome. Page:222—225
6. Study of total alkaloids from Rhizoma Coptis Chinensis on experimental gastric ulcers. Page:217—221
7. The more efficacious acupoints of Zusanli and Sanyinjiao than that of non-acupoints on bone mass in osteopenic ovariectomized rats. Page:209—216
8. Effect of compound recipe Gengniankang on senile sexual hormone and expression of estrogen receptor in bone of climacteric female rats. Page:205—208
9. Effect of curcumin on the gene expression of low density lipoprotein receptors. Page:201—204
10. A new rat model of cerebral infarction based on the injury of vascular endothelial cell. Page:195—200
11. Effects of Shenggu injection on mRNA expression of vascular endothelia growth factor in rat osteoblasts in vitro. Page:191—194
12. Effect of Astragalus injection on plasma levels of apoptosis-related factors in aged patients with chronic heart failure. Page:187—190
13. Clinical study of acoustic densitometry technique in detecting atherosclerotic plaque. Page:183—186
14. Effect of Yufeining on induced sputum interleukin-8 in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the stable phase. Page:179—182
15. Trial study on DENG Tie-tao's coronary heart disease capsules in improving patients' quality of life. Page:173—178
16. Clinical study on Zhuyu Tongfu serial recipe combined with acupuncture and massotherapy in treating hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage. Page:167—172
17. A comparative study on the acupoints of specialty of Baihui, Shuigou and Shenmen in treating vascular dementia. Page:161—166