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Volume: 11 Issue: 1

1. An experiment on standardized cell culture assay in assessing the activities of Composite Artemisia Capillaris Tablets against hepatitis B virus replication in vitro. Page:54—56
2. Protective effect of Jiechangning decoction in treating experimental ulcerative colitis in guinea pigs. Page:49—53
3. Regulative effect of traditional Chinese medicine on gene-expression related to precancerous lesion of gastric cancer. Page:76—80
4. Effect of the principle of activating blood circulation to break stasis on GMP-140 and D2 dimer in patients with acute cerebral infarction. Page:69—71
5. Study of the effect of leeching on plasma endothelin and soluble interleukin-2 receptor in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Page:65—68
6. Clinical study on the effect of Shengxueling on idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Page:60—64
7. Effects of total flavone of Abelmoschl Manihot L. Medic on the function of platelets and its mechanism. Page:57—59
8. Study on the analgesic effect and mechanism of Zhitong capsule in adjuvant arthritis rats. Page:45—48
9. Effects of Jiantaiye on estrogen receptor and mRNA expressions in uterus of mice with embryo implantation dysfunction. Page:41—44
10. Study on the therapeutic mechanism of the active principle of the Chinese drug Paeoniae Radix 801 through affinity biosensors IAsys plus quartz crystal microbalance. Page:37—40
11. Follow-up efficacy of integrative Chinese and Western drugs on localized scleroderma with vitamine B6 and Xuefu Zhuyu decoction. Page:34—36
12. Effect of modified Sinisan on anorectal manometry of the constipation predominant type of irritable bowel syndrome. Page:27—30
13. Study on Yangxue Qingnao granule in treating chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency. Page:22—26
14. Two-year observation of the clinical efficacy in treating chronic hepatitis B Patients with Ganxian recipe and lamivudine. Page:5—10
15. Research progress of liver diseases. Page:1—4
16. Clinical observation on Breviscapine in treating hypertension patients complicated with micro-albuminuria of renal impairment. Page:31—33
17. Effects of Rebixiao granules on blood uric acid in patients with repeatedly attacking acute gouty arthritis. Page:15—21
18. Clinical observation of the effect of Xuesaitong soft capsule on post-hepatitis fibrosis. Page:11—14