WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Physical Therapy> 2017> 29> 5

Volume: 29 Issue: 5

1. Effect of Trunk Side Shift Exercise on the Cobb's Angle of Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis. Page:276—280
2. Effect of the Type and Positon of Scoliosis on the Static Balance of Adolescents. Page:287—291
3. The Effects of Resting Physical Factors on Distance and Intensity of Six-Minute Walk Test in Healthy Female Subjects. Page:281—286
4. Effects of Compelled Weight Shift on Balance Ability in Patients with Stroke. Page:255—258
5. Status of Occupational Therapists on Unilateral Neglect Test Tools Usage and Symptom Classification. Page:271—275
6. Effects of the Neck Stabilization Exercises with Vibratory Stimulation on the Neck Disability Index and Thickness of Deep Neck Flexor in Neck Pain Patient. Page:265—270
7. Effects of Positioning Education Program through Oral Explanations or Brochures for Parents of Premature Infants with Brain Lesions and the Satisfaction Level of Physical Therapy at Discharge. Page:259—264
8. Effect of Pilates Gymball Exercises on the Electroencephalogram and Cognitive Function in Mentally Disabled Persons. Page:227—233
9. Effect of Action Observation Training with Auditory Feedback for Gait Function of Stroke Patients with Hemiparesis. Page:246—254
10. Comparison of Hip and Lumbopelvic Movement while Hip Lateral Rotating in Individual with Chronic Low Back Pain. Page:241—245
11. Efficacy of Lumbar Segmental Stabilization Exercises and Breathing Exercises on Segmental Stabilization in Lumbar Instability Patients. Page:234—240