WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Physical Therapy> 2017> 29> 4

Volume: 29 Issue: 4

1. The Effects of Functional Electrical Stimulation Combined with Action Observation on Sensorimotor Cortex. Page:164—168
2. A Correlation Study on Pain, Range of Motion of Neck, Neck Disability Index and Grip Strength after Thoracic Manipulation and Cervical Stabilization Training in Chronic Neck Pain. Page:158—163
3. Effect of Self-Postural Control with Visual Feedback in the Foot Pressures in the Subject with Forward Head Posture. Page:153—157
4. Effects of 3D Stabilization Exercise on the Muscle Activity and Static Balance of Patients with Lumbar Instability. Page:181—186
5. Comparison of Trunk Strategy to Maintain Balance during the One-Leg Stance on a Medio-Lateral Ramp and an Anterior-Posterior Ramp. Page:223—226
6. Comparison of the Symmetry of Buttock Pressure during Simulated Driving between Heathy Adults and Patients with Stroke. Page:218—222
7. A Follow-Up Study on the Development of Premature Babies with Neurodevelopmental Treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit during the 6 Months of Corrected Age. Page:211—217
8. The Effects of High Intensity Laser Therapy on Pain and Function of Patients with Frozen Shoulder. Page:207—210
9. The Effects of Pilates Mat Exercise on Trunk Muscle Thickness and Balance. Page:201—206
10. Effect of Kettle Bell Swing Exercise on the Body Composition and Lower Limb Muscular Activity. Page:194—200
11. The Immediate Effect of Wrist Joint Mobilization with Taping on Range of Motion, Grip Strength, Spasticity in Stroke Patients. Page:187—193
12. Effects of Fast Treadmill Training on Spinal Alignment and Muscles Thickness. Page:175—180
13. The Effect of Rhythmic Neurodynamic on the Upper Extremity Nerve Conduction Velocity and the Function for Stroke Patients. Page:169—174