WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of the Korean Dysphagia Society> 2020> 10> 1

Volume: 10 Issue: 1

1. Dysphagia as the First Symptom of Hyperthyroidism without Goiter: A Case Report Page:138—142
2. Esophagostomy as an Alternative to Gastrostomy for Dysphagia in Muscular Dystrophy: A Case Report Page:134—137
3. Tracheoesophageal Fistula by Chemoradiotherapy after a Total Laryngectomy in a Laryngeal Cancer Patient: A Case Report Page:130—133
4. Improvement of Dysphagia in Traumatic Neurovascular Compression: A Case Report and Collective Review Page:123—129
5. Characteristics and Risk Factors of Aspiration in Lateral Medullary Infarction Page:113—122
6. High Resolution Manometry versus Video Fluorography for Evaluating Dysphagia in Patients with Inflammatory Myopathy: A Pilot Study Page:107—112
7. Prevalence and Medical Cost under Malnutrition in Dysphagia Patients of Korea: Based on Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA) Data Page:97—106
8. Association of Tongue Pressure with Swallowing Function and Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease Page:92—96
9. Risk Factor Analysis of Dysphagia after Oncological Surgery for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Using a Modified Barium Swallowing Study Page:79—91
10. Correlation between Dysarthria and Aspiration in Patients with Stroke Page:72—78
11. Correlation between Salivary Mucin Concentration and Viscosity -An Exploratory Study in Healthy People Page:65—71
12. Current Status of Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study Practice in Korea through Surveying Experts and Conducting Field Study Page:56—64
13. Study on the Status of Dysphagia Rehabilitation Page:47—55
14. The Korean Dysphagia Society (KDS) Position Statement for Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Page:31—46
15. Tissue Engineering and Cell-Based Therapies for Dysphagia: Personal Experience of Trial & Errors Page:20—30
16. Current Review of Various Surgical Options for the Treatment of Dysphagia Page:10—19
17. Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Area of Dysphagia Page:4—9
18. Publishing the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Journal of the Korean Dysphagia Society Page:1—3