Volume: 25 Issue: 9

1. Application of digital surgical techniques in mandibular reconstruction Page:545—553
2. Comparison of osteogenic differentiation abilities of mesenchymal stem cells from different sources of hBMSCs Page:554—559
3. Experimental study on the effects of green tea on salivary flow rate and pH value Page:560—564
4. An in vitro study of the efficacy of tooth liquid polish sealant and Tooth Mousse in prevention of enamel demineralization around the bracket during orthodontic treatment Page:565—568
5. Three-dimensional finite element analysis of different designs of residual posterior root restored with a new titanium alloy post Page:569—574
6. The accuracy analysis of fully-guided mucosa-supported template based computer-assisted implant surgery Page:575—581
7. Clinical application of custom all-ceramic crown based on CT data in maxillary anterior implant tooth Page:582—585
8. Clinical application of anterior alveolar bone reconstruction achieved through onlay grafting technique with autogenous block bone from the wisdom teeth extraction zone Page:586—589
9. The effect of unilateral Forsus appliance in the treatment of ClassⅡmalocclusion subdivision Page:590—595
10. Clinical application of painless oral anesthesia instrument combined with piezosurgery in the orthodontic traction of impacted maxillary anterior teeth Page:596—599
11. Clinical application of E-MAX glass ceramic onlays in the restorations of the nonvital posterior teeth Page:600—604
12. Clinical effect of traditional Chinese medicine decoction on recurrent oral ulcer Page:605—607
13. Update on effect of ferrule on teeth restored with fiber posts Page:608—612