Volume: 25 Issue: 4

1. Clinical application and research progress of bulk-fill resin-based composites Page:205—210
2. Correlation analysis of facial profile in patients with skeletal Class Ⅱ malocclusion and changes of hard and soft tissue after orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery Page:211—215
3. Research of design and manufacturing technology of titanium personalized orthodontic bracket Page:216—222
4. Effects of arecoline on apoptosis of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts Page:223—226
5. Relationship of clinical index between rheumatoid arthritis and chronic periodontitis Page:227—230
6. To lower elongation molar with micro implant anchorage nail and Ni-Ti coil spring: a clinical study Page:231—234
7. Teeth extraction with endotracheal intubation under general anesthesia in special needs patients-a retrospective analysis Page:235—238
8. MRI study of temporomandibular joint disc position in asymptomatic volunteers Page:239—244
9. A comparative study between the immediate and early implant on the aesthetic influences of the peri-implant soft tissues in the aesthetic area Page:245—249
10. A comparative study of two methods of intruding overerupted upper molars Page:250—253
11. Effect analysis of topical fluoride varnish on caries prevention of first permanent molars in school-age children Page:254—257
12. Comparison of surface disinfection method on frequently touched objects in dental clinic Page:258—260
13. The application of functional magnetic resonance imaging technology in oral function research Page:261—265
14. Research of microwave sterilization of dentures Page:266—269
15. Comparison of the effect of transparent film retainer and Hawley retainer Page:270—272