Volume: 25 Issue: 2

1. Minimally invasive root canal therapy Page:69—73
2. New treatment modality for pulpititis and apical periodontitis: pathway of regenerative endodontics Page:74—79
3. Influence of different heat treatments on the corrosion behavior of a new type of high palladium dental alloy Page:80—86
4. Effect of early intra-articular injection of alendronate in reducing subchondral bone loss in rat mandibular condyle after ovariectomy Page:87—92
5. Antibacterial effects and tensile bonding strength of orthodontic adhesive containing nanohydroxyapatite Page:93—96
6. Clinical effect of mouth floor approach intubation in jaw fracture combined with brain injury Page:97—100
7. Clinical effect evaluation of palatal free gingival flaps restoration applied to anterior maxillary gingival defect after epulis resection Page:101—104
8. Comparative study on the influence of two kinds of different self-locking brackets on the dental arch shape change in non-extraction patients Page:105—109
9. Castleman disease on neck: clinical report and literature review Page:110—114
10. The root canal therapy of mandibular first premolar with apical furcation: clinical report and literature review Page:115—118
11. The immediate implant and immediate restoration in the anterior maxilla with the digital technique: case report and literature review Page:119—122
12. Research progress of circular RNA and its research prospects in oral diseases Page:123—128
13. Application of three-dimensional finite element method in different dental restorations Page:129—132
14. The establishment of a bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw rat model Page:133—136