WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Organ Transplantation> 2021> 12> 6

Volume: 12 Issue: 6

1. Progress on basic and clinical research of immunology in lung transplantation Page:637—
2. Assessment and monitoring of immune risk of kidney transplantation rejection Page:643—
3. Expert consensus on communication with families of organ and tissue donors Page:651—
4. Diagnostic criteria and research progress on heart allograft pathology Page:662—
5. Research progress on desensitization therapy for highly sensitized kidney transplant recipients Page:676—
6. Clinical application progress of immune induction regimen for kidney transplantation Page:682—
7. Role of Kupffer cell polarization in immune tolerance of liver transplantation Page:687—
8. Effect of liver transplantation on intestinal microflora in children with biliary atresia Page:692—
9. Effect of donor-derived infection on clinical prognosis of kidney transplant recipients Page:700—
10. Study on job satisfaction of human organ donation coordinators in Fujian province during the normalization period of epidemic prevention and control Page:707—
11. Analysis of current situation and influencing factors of postoperative quality of life and psychological status of pediatric recipients after kidney transplantation Page:713—
12. Multi-disciplinary team of complex cholestatic liver injury after liver transplantation Page:720—
13. Preliminary study on the establishment of neonatal pig models of islet transplantation under the renal capsule Page:727—
14. Artesunate alleviates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by inhibiting pyroptosis via NLRP3 inflammasome Page:733—
15. Application progress of individualized immune induction therapy in kidney transplantation Page:741—
16. Research progress on mesenchymal stem cell in treatment of ischemic-type biliary lesion Page:748—
17. Application prospect of hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier in kidney transplantation Page:754—
18. Recent progress on the roles of DAMP and NET in organ ischemia-reperfusion injury Page:761—
19. Progress on biomarkers of EB virus-related posttransplant lymphoproliferative disease Page:767—