WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Organ Transplantation> 2021> 12> 1

Volume: 12 Issue: 1

1. Attaching importance to mechanical perfusion of donor liver and promoting high-quality development of liver transplantation Page:1—
2. Diagnosis and treatment specification for immunosuppressive therapy and rejection of liver transplantation in China (2019 edition) Page:8—
3. The origin and development of Banff classification on allograft pathology and its effects in promoting organ transplantation Page:15—
4. International frontier hotspots of basic and translational medicine research related to renal transplantation at the 2020 ATC Page:23—
5. Summary of the research frontiers of liver transplantation in 2020 ATC Page:29—
6. Interpretation of latest literatures on renal transplantation in the third quarter of 2020 Page:37—
7. Research progress of methods to promote the survival of cryopreserved ovarian tissue auto-transplantation Page:43—
8. Preliminary report of preclinical trial of multi-genome engineering pig-to-macaque heart, liver and kidney transplantation Page:51—
9. Preliminary study of effect of erythropoietin pretreatment on enhancing directional homing ability of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in rats Page:57—
10. Multi-disciplinary team of the treatment of heart transplantation for Danon disease Page:64—
11. Multi-disciplinary team on acute heart failure complicated with respiratory failure after allograft nephrectomy Page:70—
12. Multi-disciplinary team on renal allograft dysfunction induced by recurrence of primary hyperoxaluria type I after renal transplantation Page:77—
13. Analysis on dynamic changes of T lymphocyte subsets in recipients with stable graft status after lung transplantation Page:83—
14. Diagnosis and treatment of hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome after liver transplantation: a single-center experience Page:90—
15. Application of quantitative detection of multiple-source cytomegalovirus DNA in diagnosis of cytomegalovirus pneumonia after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Page:96—
16. Application value of ultrasound elastography in evaluating liver elasticity of stable recipients at different stages after liver transplantation Page:103—
17. Research progress on trogocytosis of immune cell in transplantation immunity Page:109—
18. Research progress on strategies of reducing perioperative blood transfusion in liver transplantation Page:115—