WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Organ Transplantation> 2020> 11> 5

Volume: 11 Issue: 5

1. Expert consensus on perioperative management of liver transplantation in adults with acute-on-chronic liver failure Page:533—
2. Supercooling organ preservation technology and its application Page:543—
3. Application of chimeric antigen receptor-regulatory T cell immunotherapy in organ transplantation Page:547—
4. Exploration and practice of organ donation prevention and control management under COVID-19 epidemic Page:553—
5. Dynamic changes of lymphocyte subsets and their correlation with renal function in recipients with stable graft status after renal transplantation Page:559—
6. Efficacy analysis of T lymphocyte polyclonal antibody in renal transplantation from donor kidney of organ donation after citizen's death Page:566—
7. Experimental study of a modified extraction method of mouse islets Page:572—
8. Effect of cold ischemia time on early graft function and acute rejection after liver transplantation Page:578—
9. Difference of clinical efficacy between surgical magnifying glass and surgical microscope assisted hepatic artery reconstruction in living donor liver transplantation Page:584—
10. Clinical value of virtual touch tissue quantification technique in diagnosing acute rejection of transplant kidney at different stages Page:589—
11. Clinical analysis of hepatic arterial thrombolysis combined with splenic arterial embolization in treatment of hepatic arterial thrombosis after liver transplantation Page:594—
12. Single-center data analysis of organ donation and utilization after citizen's death Page:599—
13. Diagnostic value of lymphocyte subset classification for active pulmonary tuberculosis in renal transplant recipients Page:605—
14. Application value of quantitative parameters of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in evaluating donor liver from donation after brain death Page:610—
15. Organ donation: a novel discipline created by multi-disciplinary integration in the new era of China Page:614—
16. Analysis on application of regulatory dendritic cell in renal transplantation Page:622—
17. Research progress on dendritic cell in immune tolerance of organ transplantation Page:629—
18. Research progress on pharmacokinetics of mycophenolic acid drugs in organ transplant recipients Page:635—
19. Research progress on risk factors of de novo malignancy after liver transplantation Page:646—