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Volume: 11 Issue: 4

1. Multidisciplinary cooperation of achieving the optimal clinical efficacy of pediatric liver transplantation Page:431—
2. Research progress on myeloid-derived suppressor cell and transplantation immune tolerance Page:435—
3. The application value of Multi-Latex polygranular technique joint detection of urinary microproteins in noninvasive diagnosis after renal transplantation Page:443—
4. De novo malignant tumor after renal transplantation: single-center trial Page:449—
5. Individualized medication of tacrolimus after liver transplantation guided by CYP3A5*1 gene polymorphisms: a prospective controlled study Page:455—
6. Rare complication after pediatric living donor liver transplantation: right diaphragmatic hernia Page:461—
7. Clinical efficacy analysis of pediatric blood type incompatible living donor liver transplantation Page:466—
8. Living related donor liver transplantation for infant with Crigler-Najjar syndrome type Ⅰ: a report of one case and literature review Page:471—
9. Risk factor analysis and predictors assessment for postoperative delirium in liver transplantation Page:477—
10. Research on clinical efficacy of liver transplantation for severe liver disease Page:482—
11. Interpretation of Guide to the Quality and Safety of Organs for Transplantation (6th edition): evaluation and selection criteria for donors and organs Page:487—
12. The choice of communication specialist for family member of organ donation and corresponding strategy for work difficulty Page:492—
13. Operation cooperation and management of bilateral lung transplantation for the first case with novel coronavirus pneumonia in the world Page:497—
14. Research progress on human herpesvirus 6 infection after liver transplantation Page:502—
15. Klotho: a potential protective protein for renal graft Page:508—
16. Research progress on intestinal flora and renal transplantation Page:516—
17. Effect and research progress on continuous hypothermic machine perfusion in preservation of renal graft Page:521—
18. Research progress on molecular markers related to the donor kidney injury from organ donation after citizen's death Page:526—