WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Philippine Journal of Nursing> 2015> 85

Volume: 85

1. Workplace wellness program for nurses: A logic model approach. Page:4—13
2. Examining the emerging ideas of connection within nursing practice and education. Page:14—27
3. An experience of focus groups fieldwork among novice nurses in the Eastern Visayas Region, Philippines. Page:28—36
4. The needs and capabilities of older adults bases for nursing curriculum enhancement. Page:50—58
5. People's health and nursing research. Page:1—2
6. The diabetes camp experience of adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Page:37—49
7. Pressure ulcer prevention in acute care using the pressure ulcer bundle of care. Page:59—68
8. Methodology and methods: Why the confusion amongst novice researchers. Page:74—77
9. Professional journeys of nurses. Page:4—15
10. Echoes of silence: The unheard struggles of the physically impaired learners in the mainstream education. Page:16—21
11. “Quality of Life”: Lived experience of older adults in nursing homes Page:22—33
12. The con-triad response in the promotion of healthcare from a social networking site. Page:34—44
13. Wellness within illness: An evolutionary concept analysis. Page:45—49
14. Teamwork quality and clients' perceived quality of care in health centers of Manila. Page:50—55
15. Self-assessed level of confidence of public health nurses in Baguio City, Philippines on global competencies. Page:56—61
16. Perceptions on the return service obligation rendered by alumnae of UP Manila-School of Health Sciences Main Campus, Leyte. Page:62—75
17. Advanced practice nursing in the Philippines: Are we there yet? Page:76—79
18. President’s Message Page:3—
19. Remembering The Lady with the Lamp Page:71—73
20. Innovative strategies for nursing education, practice and research Page:1—2
21. President’s Message Page:3—