WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Medical Physics> 2000> 17> 4

Volume: 17 Issue: 4

1. Discussion of MRI segmentation by using FCM Page:201—202
2. Fitting method of the intensity-response curve of electroretinogram and its application Page:231—232
3. Experiment research of temporary cardiac pacing method through chest muscle Page:227—228
4. The calculating method of space magnetic induction of circular permanent magnet in the field of magnetic biologY efiect. Page:249—250
5. Effects of hypoxia on hemodynamics and hemorrheology of pulmonary circulation in the dog Page:247—248
6. The development of an impedance pneumograph monitor Page:213—214,218
7. Experimental and theoretical studies of the freezing processing in cryosurgery Page:251—253,260
8. Affects of low-voltage Current stimulation on Digest Organs. Page:261—262,204
9. The development and clinical application of high-efficiency and new-type microwave internal cavity radiator Page:229—230,234
10. Study on distribution of blood pressure in the cardiovascular system of rat Page:243—244,246,248
11. Study on effect of base-material to distribution of microwave field Page:225—226,228
12. The study of EEG telemetry technology Page:205—208,210
13. The design of software system of pulse oximeter Page:211—212
14. The adhesive mechanical properties of renal tubular epithelial cells on matrigel Page:241—242
15. Image reconstruction of positron emission tomography Page:197—200
16. The effect of ventricular electrical activity on the precordial cardioelectrical field and the ECG manifestation Page:221—224
17. Invention and mechanism of iontherapy vacuum cup with Chinese herbs Page:217—218
18. Clinical ultrasonic study of callbadder function obstruction in diabetics Page:259—260
19. The application of life science by atomic force microscopy Page:235—236
20. A calculational method of the three-parameter for blood electrical impedance Page:254—256
21. An experimental studies on the resistivity of blood in patients with cerebral vascular diseases(CVD) Page:233—234
22. effects of various degrees of coronary stenosis on Lyapunov exponents of ECG and R-R interval time series Page:219—220,232
23. Influence of magnetic field on hemorheologic properties in rabbits Page:239—240,242,256
24. Research on automatic diagnosis system of electrocardiogram Page:215—216,224
25. Study on the method to scale 192ir radioactivity Page:195—196
26. Measurement of infrared radiation by local body-surface and the clinical significance Page:257—258
27. Infrared spectrum analysis on pearly gallstone discharged with TMF Page:245—246