Volume: 43 Issue: 1

1. Efficacy and safety of rhBMP/β-TCP in alveolar ridge preservation: a multicenter, randomized, open-label, comparative, investigator-blinded clinical trial Page:42—
2. Is distal segment ostectomy essential for stabilization of the condylar position in patients with facial asymmetry? Page:41—
3. The effect of 4-hexylresorinol administration on NAD+ level and SIRT activity in Saos-2 cells Page:39—
4. The dual-port endoscope-assisted cyst enucleation on the maxillofacial region Page:40—
5. An additional lysis procedure during arthrocentesis of the temporomandibular joint Page:38—
6. Evaluation of facial soft tissue thickness in asymmetric mandibular deformities after orthognathic surgery Page:37—
7. Retrospective study about the postoperative stability of zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture Page:36—
8. The impact of COVID-19 on the injury pattern for maxillofacial fracture in Daegu city, South Korea Page:35—
9. Bone regeneration of demineralized dentin matrix with platelet-rich fibrin and recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 on the bone defects in rabbit calvaria Page:34—
10. Assessment of anterior positioning splint in conjunction with lateral pterygoid BTX injection to treat TMJ disc displacement with reduction — a preliminary report Page:33—
11. Critics for major indexing service Page:32—
12. Experience of patients diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 after dental treatment Page:30—
13. Postoperative changes in the pharyngeal airway space through computed tomography evaluation after mandibular setback surgery in skeletal class III patients: 1-year follow-up Page:31—
14. Speech-aid prosthesis in velopharyngeal incompetency patient with cleft palate: can speech aids be applicable for adult patient? Page:29—
15. The effect of 4-hexylresocinol administration on SCC-9 cells: mass spectrometric identification of proteins and cDNA microarray analysis Page:28—
16. Surgery-first approach reduces the overall treatment time without damaging longterm stability in the skeletal class III correction: a preliminary study Page:27—
17. A large invasive chondroblastoma on the temporomandibular joint and external auditory canal: a case report and literature review Page:26—
18. A practical approach to orofacial rehabilitation in a patient after inferior maxillectomy and rhinectomy with mono framework construction supported on a zygomatic implant placed in the glabella: a case report Page:25—
19. Characteristics of patients with osteonecrosis of the jaw with oral versus intravenous bisphosphonate treatment Page:24—
20. The use of a pedicled buccal fat pad for reconstruction of posterior mandibular defects Page:23—
21. Temporomandibular joint morphology in Korean using cone-beam computed tomography: influence of age and gender Page:21—
22. Removal of a suture needle: a case report Page:22—
23. The potential application of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) in vestibuloplasty Page:20—
24. Appropriate follow-up period for odontogenic keratocyst: a retrospective study Page:16—
25. Salivary exosomal microRNAs as biomarkers for head and neck cancer detection—a literature review Page:19—
26. Comparison of time and cost between conventional surgical planning and virtual surgical planning in orthognathic surgery in Korea Page:18—
27. The effect of autogenous tooth bone graft material without organic matter and type I collagen treatment on bone regeneration Page:17—
28. Analysis of hard tissue facial symmetry after unilateral mandibular reconstruction Page:15—
29. Nasal sill augmentation: an overlooked concept in rhinoplasty—a technical note and review of the literatures Page:14—
30. Adverse reaction to Coartem (artemether/ lumefantrine) resulting in oculogyric crisis Page:13—
31. Functional and electron-microscopic changes after differential traction injury in the sciatic nerve of a rat Page:12—
32. The effects of orthognathic surgery on auditory function Page:11—
33. Titanium mesh and pedicled buccal fat pad for the reconstruction of maxillary defect:case report Page:10—
34. Prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma metastasizing to the oral cavity Page:9—
35. Retrobulbar hematoma following the repair of an orbital wall fracture: a case series Page:8—
36. Maxillofacial surgery beyond the perfect storm of COVID-19 Page:7—
37. Comparative study of bone regeneration using fibrin sealant with xenograft in rabbit sinus: pilot study Page:5—
38. Does the systemic administration of L-arginine affect dental implant stability in nicotine consumer dogs? Page:6—
39. Classification of postoperative edema based on the anatomic division with mandibular third molar extraction Page:4—
40. Clinical utility of procalcitonin in severe odontogenic maxillofacial infection Page:3—
41. Comparison of feasibility, time consumption and costs of three virtual planning systems for surgical correction of midfacial deficiency Page:2—
42. Zygomatic implants placed in atrophic maxilla: an overview of current systematic reviews and meta-analysis Page:1—