Volume: 41 Issue: 1

1. Condyle dislocation following mandibular reconstruction using a fibula free flap: complication cases Page:14—
2. Definition and management of odontogenic maxillary sinusitis Page:13—
3. Prognostic factors for maxillary sinus mucosal thickening following Le Fort I osteotomy: a retrospective analysis Page:12—
4. Effect of bisphosphonate on temporomandibular joint in osteopenia-induced rats by botulinum toxin A injection on masticatory muscle: a preliminary study Page:11—
5. Current status of the surgery-first approach (part I): concepts and orthodontic protocols Page:10—
6. Normative anthropometry and proportions of the Kenyan-African face and comparative anthropometry in relation to African Americans and North American Whites Page:9—
7. Balcony genioplasty: a novel technique for better esthetic results in patients with deep mentolabial fold Page:7—
8. Early diagnosis of jaw osteomyelitis by easy digitalized panoramic analysis Page:6—
9. Evaluation of facial appearance in patients with repaired cleft lip and palate: comparing the assessment of laypeople and healthcare professionals Page:5—
10. Spontaneous bone regeneration after surgical extraction of a horizontally impacted mandibular third molar: a retrospective panoramic radiograph analysis Page:4—
11. Infratemporal fossa approach: the modified zygomatico-transmandibular approach Page:3—
12. Volume change pattern of decompression of mandibular odontogenic keratocyst Page:2—
13. Is an individual journal article a tiger or a fox? Page:1—