Volume: 51 Issue: 2

1. Mucosal Schwann Cell Hamartoma in Colorectal Mucosa: A Rare Benign Lesion That Resembles Gastrointestinal Neuroma. Page:187—189
2. Heterotopic Ossification in the Gallbladder. Page:185—186
3. Mucinous Cystadenoma of the Testis: A Case Report with Immunohistochemical Findings. Page:180—184
4. Mucinous Carcinoma with Extensive Signet Ring Cell Differentiation: A Case Report. Page:176—179
5. Malignant Solitary Fibrous Tumor with Heterologous Rhabdomyosarcomatous Differentiation: A Case Report. Page:171—175
6. Thymoma and Synchronous Primary Mediastinal Seminomas with Florid Follicular Lymphoid Hyperplasia in the Anterior Mediastinum: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Page:165—170
7. A Pyloric Gland-Phenotype Ovarian Mucinous Tumor Resembling Lobular Endocervical Glandular Hyperplasia in a Patient with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome. Page:159—164
8. GLUT1 as a Prognostic Factor for Classical Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Correlation with PD-L1 and PD-L2 Expression. Page:152—158
9. Higher Expression of Toll-like Receptors 3, 7, 8, and 9 in Pityriasis Rosea. Page:148—151
10. Current Status of Pathologic Examinations in Korea, 2011–2015, Based on the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service Dataset. Page:137—147
11. Comparison of the Mismatch Repair System between Primary and Metastatic Colorectal Cancers Using Immunohistochemistry. Page:129—136
12. Mesothelin Expression in Gastric Adenocarcinoma and Its Relation to Clinical Outcomes. Page:122—128
13. Molecular Testing for Gastrointestinal Cancer. Page:103—121