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Volume: 24 Issue: 4

1. Effect of Sasa quelpaertensis Nakai Extracts and its Constituent p-coumaric Acid on the Apoptosis of Human Cancer Cell Lines Page:293—297
2. Efficient Isolation of Dihydrophaseic acid 3′-O-β-D-Glucopyranoside from Nelumbo nucifera Seeds Using High-performance Countercurrent Chromatography and Reverse-phased High-performance Liquid Chromatography Page:288—292
3. Acronyculatin P, A New Isoprenylated Acetophenone from the Stem Bark of Acronychia pedunculata Page:284—287
4. Nematicidal Compounds from the Leaves of Schinus terebinthifolius Against Root-knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita Infecting Tomato Page:272—283
5. Five New Stilbenes from the Stem Bark of Artocarpus communis Page:266—271
6. Isolation of Flavonoid Glycosides with Cholinesterase Inhibition Activity and Quantification from Stachys japonica Page:259—265
7. New Meroterpenoids from a Penicillium sp. Fungus Page:253—258
8. Comparison of Biological Activities of Korean Halophytes Page:247—252
9. Identification and HPLC Quantification of a Phytoecdysone and Three Phenolic Glycosides in Lamium takesimense Nakai Page:241—246
10. LC/MS-based Analysis of Bioactive Compounds from the Bark of Betula platyphylla var. japonica and Their Effects on Regulation of Adipocyte and Osteoblast Differentiation Page:235—240
11. Quantitative Analysis of Dammarane-type Ginsenosides in Different Ginseng Products Page:229—234
12. Gliotoxin is Antibacterial to Drug-resistant Piscine Pathogens Page:225—228
13. The Cytotoxic Constituents of Betula platyphylla and their Effects on Human Lung A549 Cancer Cells Page:219—224