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Volume: 24 Issue: 3

1. A New Flavonol Glycoside from Tristemma hirtum (Melastomataceae) Page:213—218
2. Simultaneous Determination of the Seven Phenylpropanoids in Xanthii Fructus Using a HPLC-PDA and LC-MS Page:206—212
3. Optimization of Extraction Conditions and Quantitative Analysis of Isoquercitrin and Caffeic Acid from Aster scaber Page:199—205
4. Chemicals from Cimicifuga dahurica and Their Inhibitory Effects on Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production by LPS-stimulated Bone Marrow-derived Dendritic Cells Page:194—198
5. Chemical Investigation on an Endophytic fungus Gibberella moniliformis JS1055 Derived from a Halophyte Vitex rotundifolia Page:189—193
6. Analysis of Essential oil, Quantification of Six Glycosides, and Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition Activity in Caryopteris incana Page:181—188
7. Anti-inflammatory Potential of Artemisia capillaris and Its Constituents in LPS-induced RAW264.7 Cells Page:171—180
8. Classficiation of Bupleuri Radix according to Geographical Origins using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Combined with Supervised Pattern Recognition Page:164—170
9. Chinoketides A and B, Two New Antimicrobial Polyketides from the Endophytes of Distylium chinense with the “Black-Box” Co-culture Method Page:159—163
10. Meliglabrin, A New Flavonol Derivative from the leaves of Melicope glabra (Blume) T.G. Hartley Page:155—158
11. Acer okamotoanum Inhibit the Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress in C6 Glial Cells Page:148—154
12. Essential Oils: Biological Activity Beyond Aromatherapy Page:139—147