Volume: 37 Issue: 4

1. The clinical and microbiological effects of non-surgical periodontal treatments in necrotizing periodontal disease: case report Page:294—300
2. Prosthetic rehabilitation by obturator considering the biomechanics in partially edentulous patient after maxillectomy Page:281—293
3. Intentional replantation with preapplication of orthodontic force on mandibular second molar Page:274—280
4. Non-surgical root canal treatment of maxillary second premolar fused paramolar tubercle Page:268—273
5. Regenerative procedure using rotary titanium brush for surface decontamination of peri-implantitis: 3 cases with a 2-year follow-up Page:256—267
6. Management of complicated crown fracture by tooth fragment reattachment with fiber post: a case report Page:251—258
7. Characteristics of antimicrobial activity of Streptococcus salivarius K12by culture condition Page:244—250
8. A comparison study on shear bond strength of 3D printed resin and conventional heat-cured denture base resin to denture relining materials Page:232—243
9. Analysis of splint weaning in temporomandibular disorder patients Page:225—231
10. Comparison of capsule type resin modified glass ionomer porosity according to mixing methods Page:217—224
11. Effect of applying adhesive after enamel etching on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets using light curing resin cements Page:209—216
12. Effects of thickness and background on the masking ability of high -trasnlucent zirconias Page:199—208
13. Esthetic considerations for anterior implant-supported prostheses:focus on surgical and prosthetic treatment Page:186—198
14. Review on factors affecting the optical properties of dental zirconia Page:177—185