Volume: 33 Issue: 2

1. Conservative and esthetic closure of maxillary midline diastema without creating "black triangle" using direct resin composite. Page:163—168
2. Maxillary full-arch fixed dental prosthesis of the elderly patient with worn dentition. Page:154—162
3. Managements of ankylosed incisor occurred during adolescence using alveolar bone distraction osteogenesis and decoronation: case report. Page:143—153
4. Restoration of partial removable dental prosthesis after fabricating of surveyed crowns utilizing electronic surveying: a case report. Page:135—142
5. Fixed prosthetic treatment for the patient with delayed eruption disorder. Page:127—134
6. The effect of Light Emitting Diode electric toothbrush on gingivitis: a randomized controlled trial. Page:119—126
7. The effect of a titanium socket with a zirconia abutment on screw loosening after thermocycling in an internally connected implant: a preliminary study. Page:114—118
8. Interaction of Hydroxyethylidene bisphosphonate (HEBP) with other endodontic irrigants on tissue dissolving capacity and antimicrobial effect. Page:106—113
9. The efficacy of ultrasonic irrigation technique on debris removal during root canal treatment. Page:97—105
10. Effect of repeated learning for two dental CAD software programs. Page:88—96
11. Physical properties of a new resin-based root canal sealer in comparison with AH Plus Jet. Page:80—87
12. Effect of titanium powder on the bond strength of metal heat treatment. Page:71—79
13. In vitro evaluation methods on adaptation of fixed dental prosthesis. Page:63—70