WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Forensic Medicine> 2017> 33> 3

Volume: 33 Issue: 3

1. Research Progress on the Detection Method of DNA Methylation and Its Applica-tion in Forensic Science Page:293—300
2. Research Progress of the Relationship between the Expression of TAR DNA-bind-ing Domain Protein 43 and Brain Injury Page:289—292
3. Research Progress of the Correlation between Caveolin and Unexpected Sudden Cardiac Death Page:284—288
4. Investigation of the Necrophagous Flies in Beijing Page:267—270
5. Mutation Analysis of 19 STR Loci in 20723 Cases of Paternity Testing Page:263—266
6. Evaluation of Brodifacoum-induced Toxicity by Metabonomics Approach Based on HPLC-TOF-MS Page:247—251,257
7. Comparison of Criminal Characteristics in Depression Patients and Schizophrenics with Homicide Behavior Page:244—246
8. Adult Stature Estimation by Multiple Parameters of Body Torso Segment Page:236—238
9. Forensic Application of Objective Assessment on Visual Acuity by ERP Page:232—235
10. The Changes of HIF-1α and VEGF-A in Myocardial Tissue of Rats with Arrhyth-mias Page:225—231
11. Individual Identification of Cartilage by Direct Amplification in Mass Disasters Page:281—283
12. Genotyping of ABO Blood Group in Partial Population of Yunnan Province by SNaPshot Technology Page:277—280
13. Analysis of Forensic Identification on 32 Cases of Lumbar Spondylolysis Page:258—262
14. The Role of Segmental Analysis of Clonazepam in Hair in Drug Facilitated Cases Page:252—257
15. Sixty-six Biallelic Genetic Markers on Y chromosome by MALDI-TOF-MS Page:239—243
16. The Role of CBS in Injury Time Estimation after Brain Contusion Page:221—224,231