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Volume: Issue: 6

1. Application of Isokinetic Muscle Testing in Identification of the Faked Paralysis Page:427—430
2. Species Identification Based on Morphological Variability of Femur Page:428—431
3. Application of Ion Torrent PGMTM System in Detection of Fetal DNA in Maternal Plasma Page:432—435
4. Pathological Features of Myocardial Contraction Band Necrosis in Sudden Cardiac Death Page:422—424
5. Effects of HO-1 on Lipopolysaccharide-induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress of Rat Hepatocytes Page:417—421
6. A Retrospective Analysis of 105 Drowning Victims with Psychiatric Disorders Page:456—459
7. Analysis of Pesticides in Blood Specimen by GC/MS with Accelerated Solvent Ex-traction Page:463—465
8. Linkage Disequilibrium and Mutation Rate Analysis of Sixteen X-STR Loci Page:437—440
9. Correlation of Daily Living Activities with Location and Severity of Traumatic Brain Injury Page:434—436
10. Expression of EIIIA+ Fibronectin in Incised Wound of Rat’s Skin Page:409—412
11. Expression and Mechanism of αB-crystallin in Retina and Extraocular Tissues and Organs Page:470—473
12. Progress of the Recovery Mechanism of Brain Injury Associated with the Gene Polymorphism of Apolipoproteins E Page:466—469
13. Analysis of 163 Rib Fractures by Imaging Examination Page:460—462
14. Effects of Additives in Blood Collection Tubes on Testing the Alcohol Concentra-tion in Blood Samples Page:452—455
15. Genetic Polymorphism of Nine Non-CODIS STR Loci in Hu-nan Province-based Chinese Han Population Page:441—445
16. Assessment on the Criminal Responsibility of Drug-induced Mental Disorders:A Questionnaire Survey Page:431—433
17. Automated Assessment of Developmental Levels of Epiphysis by Support Vector Machine Page:422—426
18. Diagnosis of Amniotic Fluid Embolism with Blood Samples by Liquid-based Cy-tology Technique Page:416—418
19. Distribution of Formic Acid after Methanol Intoxication in Rats Page:450—453
20. Analysis and Discussion on Calculating Likelihood Ratio of DNA Mixture Page:441—444
21. Progress on Individual Stature Estimation in Forensic Medicine Page:470—473
22. Advances in Biomarkers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood Page:466—469
23. Progress on Diatom Test in Drowning Cases Page:462—465
24. Establishing a 29 Y-STR Loci Multiplex PCR System Page:456—461
25. Dynamic Posturography of Injured Lower Limb in Postural Evoked Response Page:425—427,431
26. Forensic Validation of Goldeneye?DNA ID 26Y System Page:446—451,455
27. Expression of Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 and Its Receptor in Sudden Coro-nary Death Page:413—415,418
28. Determination of Triptolide and Wilforlide A in Biological Samples by LC-MS/MS Page:445—449,453
29. DNA Extraction of Cast-off Cells of Fingerprints from 502 Glue Fumigated Con-tact Samples Page:454—455,461
30. Molecular Genetic Analysis of One Sudden Unexplained Death in the Young by Whole Exome Sequencing Page:436—440,444