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Volume: Issue: 3

1. Research Progress on Forensic Entomotoxicology Page:227—229
2. Analysis of 59 Anaphylactic Death Cases Page:206—210
3. Analysis of GHB and Its Precursors in Urine and Their Forensic Application Page:200—203
4. Diagnostic Significance of BAT in Anaphylaxis to Non-ionic Contrast Media Page:188—190
5. Relation between Injury Time and the Expression of COX6C mRNA in Skeletal Muscle of Rats after Contusion Page:177—180
6. Development and Application of Metabonomics in Forensic Toxicology Page:219—226
7. Research Progress of Event-related Potential in Mild Cognitive Impairment Page:215—218
8. Genetic Polymorphisms of 21 Autosomal STR Loci of Fujian Han Population Page:211—214
9. Relation between Body Height and Combined Length of Manubrium and Mesosternum of Sternum Measured by CT-VRT in Southwest Han Population Page:196—199
10. Postmortem MSCT Analysis and Identification of Fall from Height:One Case Report Page:191—195
11. Changes of Serum IgE and Tryptase in Anaphylactic Shock Rats Page:181—184
12. The Subtle Anatomical Structures of Normal Nasal Bone in MSCT Image and Forensic Identification Page:184—187
13. Isokinetic Muscle Test of Normal People’s Knees in Different Postures Page:181—183
14. Correlation between Percentages of PMN, MNC, FBC and Wound Age after Skeletal Muscle Injury in Rats Page:166—168
15. Negative Modulation of NO for Diaphragmatic Contractile Reduction Induced by Sepsis and Restraint Position Page:161—165
16. Relationship between Genetic Polymorphism of Dopamine Receptor and Schizophrenia and Its Forensic Significance Page:202—206
17. Progress on Association between COMT Gene and Violence Behavior in Patients with Schizophrenia Page:197—201
18. Application of Microperimeter in the Visual Function Evaluation Page:194—196
19. Consistency Study of PowerPlex?21 Kit and GoldeneyeTM 20A Kit and Forensic Application Page:191—193
20. DNA Quantification of Blood Samples Pre-treated with Pyramidon Page:188—190
21. Changes of Oscillatory Potentials of Electroretinogram after Methanol Intoxication in Rats Page:178—180
22. The Community Succession of Sarcosaphagous Insects on Pig Carcasses in Summer Indoor and Outdoor Environment in Shenzhen Area Page:172—177
23. Forensic Analysis of Melamine-tainted Milk Powder Poisoning:Six Fatal Cases Page:204—205,210
24. Effect of Heroin on DLG4 Expression in Hippocampus, Amygdala and Frontal Cortex of Rats Page:185—187,199
25. Expression of CaMKⅡδ in Cerebral Cortex Following Traumatic Brain Injury Page:169—171,177