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Volume: Issue: 2

1. Tuberculous Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Alimentary Tract Hemorrhage:A Case Report with Medico-legal Impli-cations Page:151—153
2. Epidemiological Characters of Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome and Its Research Progress Page:122—125
3. Biochemical Indicators of Anaphylactic Shock and the Application in Forensic Medicine Page:117—121
4. Cause of Death Related to Medical Disputes in Yancheng Area:A Study of 60 Autopsy Cases Page:110—111
5. Development of an 18 X-InDel Multiplex PCR System Page:101—109
6. Relevance between Writing Characteristic and Therapeutic Effect in Schizophrenia Page:93—95
7. Posture Evoked Response Detecting in Normal Lower Limb Muscle and Its Influ-encing Factors Page:88—92
8. Postmortem MSCT Diagnosis of Whiplash Injuries in a Traffic Accident:A Case Report and Review of the Literature Page:148—150
9. Time-related Expression of IL-6、IL-8 and TNF-α Following Explosive Injury to Rabbit’s Chest Page:85—87
10. Progress of DNA-based Methods for Species Identification Page:129—131
11. Normal Range of 33 Elements in Blood Samples from General Population in Hu-nan Province Page:117—122
12. Advances in Event-related Potential and Its Forensic Application Value Page:135—139
13. Composition Analysis of Remaining Metal Particles on Ferrochrome Kitchen Knife Page:126—128
14. Injury Mechanism of Scaphoid Fracture:Forensic Analysis of 43 Cases Page:123—125
15. Chlorpyrifos Determined in Human Blood by UPLC-MS/MS and Its Application in Poisoning Cases Page:112—116
16. Forensic Application of Microperimetry and Visual Evoked Potential in Macular Disease Page:105—108
17. Simulation and Observation of Vertical Cast-off Bloodstain Pattern Page:102—104
18. Expression of p35 and p25 after Focal Cerebral Contusion in Rat Page:93—96
19. Apoptosis in Lungs and Liver after Crush Injury of Hindlimbs in Rat Page:88—92
20. Relative Expression of Indicators for Wound Age Estimation in Forensic Pathology Page:81—84
21. Distribution of Diatoms in Chuanyang River of Pudong New Area of Shanghai and Its Forensic Application Page:114—116
22. Diatoms in Drowned and Postmortem Immersed Rabbits ’ Lungs Page:81—84,87
23. AS-PCR Assay for 20 mtDNA SNP Typing and Haplotype Frequency Page:96—100,109
24. Application of Finite Element Method in Thoracolumbar Spine Traumatology Page:132—134,139
25. Mutations in a Large Pedigree with Y-STR Genetic Markers Page:109—111,122
26. Expression of EV71-VP1, PSGL-1 and SCARB2 in Tissues of Infants with Brain Stem Encephalitis Page:97—101,104
27. Expression of Zonula Occludens-1 in Cerebral Cortex Following Traumatic Brain Injury Page:85—87,92
28. Sudden Cardiac Death of Incarcerated Prisoners:A Study of 75 Cases Page:112—113,116