Volume: 27 Issue: 2

1. A Case of Successful Use of C-MAC® Video Laryngoscope in ‘Cannot Ventilate’ Situation Due to Unexpected Severe Narrowing of Laryngeal Inlet. Page:122—125
2. Comparison of Vocal Cord Motion and Voice Characteristics of Applied Music Singing Students before and after Singing Voice Therapy. Page:114—121
3. Analysis of Voice and Swallowing Symptoms after Thyroidectomy in Patients without Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injury in Early Postoperative Period. Page:108—113
4. The Correlation between The Size and Location of Vocal Polyp and Voice Quality, Before and After Laryngeal Microsurgery. Page:102—107
5. The Perceptual and Consonant Analysis for the Voice with Hypothyroidism. Page:95—101
6. Differential Diagnosis of Dysphonia Looks Normal Larynx. Page:91—94
7. Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Coughing. Page:87—90
8. Globus Pharyngeus: The Psychiatric Perspective. Page:84—86
9. Dogma of Extraesophaghgeal Reflux. Page:78—83
10. Neurophysiology of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Brainstem Reflex. Page:73—77
11. Laryngeal Verruca Vulgaris: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Page:141—144
12. Endoscopic Resection of a Vocal Cord Polyp in a Patient with Difficult Laryngeal Exposure. Page:138—140
13. A Case of Killian-Jamieson Diverticulum in the Esophagus. Page:134—137
14. A Case of Bilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis Induced by Concurrent Rheumatoid Arthritis Involvement of Laryngeal Nerve and Cricoarytenoid Joint. Page:130—133
15. A Case of Fibrous Mass Diagnosed as Spidle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma in the Vocal Fold. Page:126—129