Volume: 22

1. Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability. Page:55—61
2. Diagnosis and Comorbidity of Chronic Ankle Instability. Page:49—54
3. Anterior Lateral Thigh Free Flap and Achilles Tendon Reconstruction Surgery for Contact Dermal Burn of Heel Including Achilles Tendon: A Case Report -Surgical Treatment for Functional Recovery-. Page:127—130
4. Chopart Joint Fracture and Dislocation: A Report of Three Cases. Page:120—126
5. Chronic Multiple Gouty Arthritis Diagnosed during Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment of Recurrent Tuberculous Arthritis: A Case Report. Page:116—119
6. Gutter Splint for Ingrown Toe Nail in Young Patients. Page:111—115
7. Effects of Beraprost Sodium Evaluated by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease. Page:105—110
8. Efficacy of a Knee Walker for Foot and Ankle Patients: Comparative Study with an Axillary Crutch. Page:100—104
9. The Risk Factors Associated with Nonunion after Surgical Treatment for Distal Fibular Fractures. Page:95—99
10. Indications of Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction with a Free Tendon and Associated Evidence. Page:91—94
11. Ligament Repair in Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability: Efficacy and Technique of Broström Procedures. Page:83—90
12. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Resulting from a Joint Originated the Intraneural Ganglion of the Medial Plantar Nerve: A Case Report: Surgical Treatment for Prevention of Recurrence. Page:44—47
13. In Vitro Study Evaluating the Antimicrobial Activity of Vancomycin-Impregnated Cement Stored at Room Temperature in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Page:38—43
14. Usefulness of Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty before Operative Treatment in Diabetic Foot Gangrene. Page:32—37
15. Hindfoot Endoscopy for the Treatment of Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome: A Comparison of Two Methods (a Standard Method versus a Method Using a Protection Cannula). Page:26—31
16. Ankle Arthrodesis. Page:1—7
17. Early Transformed Diabetic Foot Ulcer into a Malignancy: A Case Report. Page:78—81
18. Calcaneal Apophyseal Avulsion Fractures with Achilles Tendon Rupture in a 10-Year-Old Patient: A Case Report. Page:74—77
19. Comparative Study of Clinical Outcome of Three Surgical Techniques in the Achilles Tendon Rupture: Open Repair, Percutaneous Repair, and Minimal Incision Repair by Achillon. Page:68—73
20. Evaluation of Accessory Navicular Bone Using a Bone Scan and Its Clinical Significance for the Prognosis and Treatment. Page:62—67
21. Sural Nerve Entrapment and Tenosynovitis of Peroneus Longus by Hypertrophied Peroneal Tubercle: A Case Report. Page:131—134
22. Comparision between Syndesmotic Screw Fixation and Knotless Tightrope® Fixation on Ankle Fractures with Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis Injury. Page:161—165
23. Surgical Treatment of Chronic Tophaceous Gout in the 1st Metatarso-Phalangeal Joint. Page:156—160
24. Outpatient Percutaneous Flexor Tenotomy for Diabetic Claw Toe Deformity with Ulcer. Page:151—155
25. Management of High Ankle Sprain. Page:145—150
26. Evidence-based Treatment of Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain. Page:135—144
27. Corrigendum: Efficacy of a Knee Walker for Foot and Ankle Patients: Comparative Study with an Axillary Crutch. Page:184—184
28. Bioabsorbable Screws Used in Hallux Valgus Treatment Using Proximal Chevron Osteotomy. Page:181—183
29. Non-osseous Coalition of the Third Metatarsal-Lateral Cuneiform Joint: A Case Report. Page:177—180
30. Ankle Arthrodesis for Severe Arthritis Induced by Diffuse-Type Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis: A Case Report. Page:173—176
31. Acute Anterior Talofibular Ligament Open Type Avulsion Fracture: A Case Report. Page:170—172
32. Schwannoma Arising from the Plantar Digital Nerve of the 2nd Toe: A Case Report. Page:166—169
33. Correlation between a Rupture of the Hypovascular Zone and Early Single Heel Raising after Achilles Tendon Repair. Page:21—25
34. Accessory Talar Facet Impingement due to Accessory Anterolateral Talar Facet Misdiagnosed as Sinus Tarsi Syndrome. Page:16—20
35. Severe Ankle Osteoarthritis: Treatment with Total Ankle Arthroplasty. Page:8—15