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Volume: 40 Issue: 8

1. Clinical study on effect of HCL combined with Bromine Hydrochloride on infantile cough Page:1117—1121
2. Effect of Xihuang Pill on curative effect of paclitaxel combined with platinum based neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with advanced cervical cancer after operation Page:1112—1116
3. Investigation of hypertension special crowd antihypertensive drug choice Page:1107—1111,1129
4. Establishment of hanging drop 3D cell culture model in cell culture plate and comparison of cell viability detection methods Page:1103—1106
5. Correction of matrix effect in determination of heavy metal elements in iron dextran by icp-oes internal standard method Page:1098—1102
6. Immunosuppressive effect of curcumin on skin transplantation in mice Page:1082—1085
7. Neuroprotective effects and mechanisms of Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for Injection (Ⅰ) on vascular dementia in rats Page:1078—1081
8. Study on intestinal absorption of aqueous extract from Chaihu Shugan San Page:1059—1066
9. Effects of different doses of atorvastatin on lipid lowering in patients with hyperlipidemia and type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:1153—1156
10. Curative effect and safety of decitabine combined with HAG for patients with myelodysplastic syndromes Page:1149—1152
11. Curative effect of Shuxuening injection for patients with acute pancreatitis and which influence on the oxidative stress Page:1145—1148
12. Comparison on clinical efficacy and serum levels of IL-35 and NF-kappa B of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin in patients with coronary heart disease Page:1141—1144
13. Influence of isoniazid on immune function of rat Page:1094—1097
14. Safety evaluation of Parecoxib Sodium for Injection Page:1090—1093
15. Study on allergy of Astragaloside injection Page:1086—1089,1097
16. Therapeutic effect and mechanism of Chaizhixiaji Decoction on bile reflux gastritis rats Page:1073—1077
17. Therapeutic effects of Angong Niuhuang Pills on cerebrovascular diseases in Zebrafish models Page:1067—1072
18. Introduction to EMA guideline on therapeutic equivalence studies of generic and reformulated products that are locally applied, locally acting in gastrointestinal tract Page:1050—1058
19. Considerations on the dose determination for first-in-human clinical trials with novel biopharmaceuticals Page:1044—1049
20. Development of drug regulatory science in the world Page:1029—1043
21. Research progress on solid dispersion technique in preparative field Page:1182—1188
22. Research progress on traditional Chinese medicine against diabetes based on intestinal flora new targets Page:1173—1181
23. Research progress on mechanisms of monomer ingredients of Chinese materia medica anti-tumor invasion and metastasis Page:1168—1172
24. Advance and challenge in research on meningococcal group B vaccines Page:1163—1167
25. Meta-analysis of efficacy and safety of perampanel in treatment of refractory partial-onset seizures Page:1157—1162
26. Clinical contrast study of Weikangling and Weifuchun for chronic atrophic gastritis and precancerous lesions Page:1138—1140
27. Efficacy of different doses of levothyroxinein treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism in elderly patients and the effect on blood lipid level Page:1134—1137
28. Clinical efficacy of Liuweidihuang Pill combined with Metformin in treatment of type 2 diabetes with Qi-Yin deficiency Page:1130—1133
29. Anesthetic effect of remifentanil and fentanyl on interventional surgery for children with congenital heart disease Page:1126—1129
30. Clinical effect of Levosimendan and Qiliqiangxin Capsule in congestive heart failure and influence in serum levels of NT-proBNP and Hcy Page:1122—1125